0.5 seconds reaction time before dead

    • 0.5 seconds reaction time before dead

      Dear Game balancer,

      i think you are already aware of this if you already work on that, then skip the message.

      i reduced the video to 5 seconds.

      It shows a current imbalance whene from seeing what comes to basically dead (subtracting 2x150 ms ping) you have less than 0.5 seconds.

      That is worse than in a shooter, where u get headshot.

      here is link with video.

      thanks for your time
    • while i am not saying this is good for the game, or it should not be modified, have you tried to use tools that the game offers you to to counter this?

      Have you tried a mercenary hood?
      Have you tried a fort sterling cape?
      Has your teammate swapped you out of the ground effect with fiend sandals?
      Have you preemptively 'rolled' with assassin boots or royal boots away?
      Have you preemptively mage sandals delayed teleport?

      Also assuming he (somehow) missed his cape, would he EVER be able to beat you or would he lose 99.9% of the time?
    • A simple cleanse/sterling and you'd be on your way to kill him. The points the guy above made are good, but even skipping the preemptive measures and keeping your boot ability, there's plenty you can do to counter it. Everything has counters, if someone counters your shit, usually you'll end up dead. If you counter theirs, it works the same.

      It's gr9 m0.