Repair costs because of lag.

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  • Repair costs because of lag.

    It seems pointless to write this thread, because it's likely there will be a bunch of idiots heckling "you died because you can't handle the monsters"

    But the reason I've decided to post this is because of a simple proof.

    If all your abilties on your skillbar are resetting equally, this can only happen directly after a login.

    Fortunately, because the following screenshots show the abilities on the skillbar with a darker area as they get reset, I can prove I just logged in.

    Now that I've explained that, anyone trying to heckle as above: Go fuck yourself.

    I'm only posting this here as Albion mods prefer we use the forum than email them directly. Albion's community sucks pretty much, there's only a few players I actually like.

    so laggy you can walk past the spawn gate without going through to next cluster.

    If you attack an npcand they don't register damage, you can know the server is not responding correctly. So I tried to move my character out of range to cancel the fight, but got disconnected completely. On loggin back in, you spawn dead if that happens.

    My gear was fully repaired before I went to this yellow zone to gather a lil bit while waiting for arena. 2 deaths due to LAG and now it's down to 79%. But this is a zone I gather in regularly, so it's definitely not like I can't handle these monsters. .3 pvp gear getting wrecked is going to cost a lot. But it's what I consider an easy zone, so I didn't leave. I tried to fight through the lag. Determination to play Albion.

    Got disconnected again. MID-FIGHT. I was thinking "how am I even going to prove this, take a screenshot of the log in screen? what does that even prove." But I did it anyway.

    Directly after logging in again: You see how my HP is almost full but i've been 'knocked out'? This is because you log in with full health, but the game hasn't finished making you play the death sequence before you got disconnected.

    Summary: Lost another 10% durability within 3 minutes. 7 Cabbage Soups down to 6, 9 Healing Potions down to 8. Thank you server performance, or whatever it is causing me to get disconnected MID FUCKING FIGHT

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  • So i'm requesting 172,151 silver back from Albion mods as I should never have had to pay repair costs when I only died because of lags.

    If I don't get 172,151 silver back before the 23rd July 2019 (when I am able to buy gold again) I will never buy an Albion Gold bundle ever again.

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  • The purpose of this thread is that the policy needs to be changed.

    This concept of compensating us because of lags with 25% fame boost is pointless if we are still getting the same lags that you are compensating us for.

    On top of that, paying repair costs when we have no way of checking the server's connection without trying to initiate some kind of action in the game (I even tried pressing the mount button to check if there was any server delay and it seemed fien, so I attack the monster and tried to get on with the game) so without warning, we can get disconnected during PvE combat and when we log back in, have lost 10% durability, food and potions which costs us silver to recoup.

    The amount is not the point. I can easily afford the 172k silver. But that isn't the issue. It is the principle.

    Why should the customer have to pay silver costs for a death in game that isn't their fault?

    If it is the custoer's fault because they chose to try to engage in combat on a server that has temporamental instability issues, and I would have been better off waiting in Thetford for the arena to start, and I should not bother to gather to make silver, but only get silver from spending real world money on a gold bundle, that isn;t the game I want to be playing.

    But I believe SBI can do better than this, and see the point I am tryign to make.

    This isn''t just for ME as a player, this is to improve the entire game.

    It is NOT FAIR on ANY player to pay repair costs if they die in game because of LAG.

    I'm pissed off about it.

    I will HAPPILY accept the costs iif I made a mistake. But when it is not our fault we shouldn't have to pay.

    Re-work that. Please.
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  • @Evas_Flarelight

    Please take into account your customer's request found in this thread, and lock this thread once it has been seen by SBI staff.

    I have no time for the forum trolls in this game's community.

    This thread nor any other future thread i will write was written for them, it is only for the developers/mods.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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