Solo dungeons mechanic suggestion

    • Solo dungeons mechanic suggestion

      Hi again. After reading a few threads about this, i wanted to see what people think about making the solo dungeons work different depending on the zone´s color.
      Players that use to wander the red and black zones seems to look for and enjoy the PvP while players in the blue and yellow zones dont want nor look for it. So, what about making the blue/yellow solo dungeos entrances disappear after one player gets in until it is ready for another player to clear it up and those at red/black zones to stay open like it is currently.
    • Fusionbomb wrote:

      Then how am I supposed to faction dive noobs wearing 4.3 in the blue zone?
      This^ If they are able to gain rep in a dungeon being flagged, they need to take the risk for it. Also in Blue zone you don't face a pvp issue anyway unless your flagged. I also don't imagine most people running into yellows to knock people down but rather so they can kill the rare bosses if they are there.

      If I player wanted to not pvp, they can stay blue zone and not be faction flagged, or stay in town for expeditions.
    • Its funny how in this game everyone walks with their own agenda, askng for things that only benefits them. Armor/weapons makers asking for an IP bonus if wearing the armors/weapons they make, those that have an skin asking for not being so common that its not longer special etc.

      I would like to know the point of view of the developers about this. If they really added the solo dungeons for those that like the PvP, for those that want to hunt factio noobs or actually they aimed to give a fun experience to those that wander alone around the game which are a good part of the game now days.

      I personally am part of the last group. I would like to wander around in blue/yellow zones looking for solo dungeons with no faction activated nor flagging, just wanting to kill mobs and getting a decent reward in terms of fame and silver. Not finding 75% of them already cleared and looted or getting another player running by my side in a race for the bosses/chests. And if u say again "go and play expedition", NOPE i would only take that from the developers and not from any random player that feel they know and understand what is the point of the game and what the developers want.
    • Blue and yellow zones were created as low tier beginner zones to get your introduction to game basic mechanics. Due to the sheer low volume of these zones it was not intended as a place to stay long term. If you choose to do so you will suffer the challenge of resource/content availability. You could get WAY more fame from even the low end T3/T4 black zones in Anglia and those are readily available because no one looks at those that lives out in black.
    • I get it, but being a sandbox game you can't only look into the perspective of a player such as yourself. Personally I like your idea and it would be helpful to me personally because it means I can run around on an alt and get my daily points with a good chance for loot for no risk. But as rewards increase, (fame/loot), so too should the risk. That was the original point of Blue vs Yellow vs Red vs Black. Each increase gives better rewards but at an increased risk. Because of this I don't think the dungeons should despawn, if the loot and fame is good enough in yellow where you don't risk anything, naturally more people will do it. Then it becomes a decision of efficiency vs risk.

      On your point of other racing you to the boss, isn't that a reason to keep it as is? You could simply flag up and kill the guy, you wouldn't be risking anything except your time if you lose. You also can go in high tier, as long as you out damage them you get the loot.

      What about an item that drops which is a dungeon lock, so it spawns the entrance (only usable in T5 or less zones? This is a half way point, where sometimes you'll be racing people or you could faction flag, and other times it's all you. If you try and lock the entrance and someone else is in it or the final boss is dead it should not let you.
    • I think the best thing they can do is make the portal change colour if the final boss has been cleared and disallow entry if already occupied by someone/some party. Its such an easy fix I am sure I could do it.

      The problem with not changing some of these mechanics is its going to drive new players away from the game. Solo dungeons are a great place to run through and learn how to fight and handle your spec....while grabbing some silver.
    • It has been some time since solo dungeons have been introduced into the game.
      Here's my feedback: solo dungeon HAVE TO conform with its name, - SOLO, full stop!
      I am disgusted with groups diving solo players. A solo dungeon needs to be exactly that, for solo players, no groups allowed and if any cowboy feels like diving a solo player, he may enter and give it a shot, but the player farming the dungeon has a fair chance to survive. There must be an entry restriction,similar to hellgates.

      I have been heavily supporting this project financially, but a couple of days ago, I simply rage-quit after getting dived in a solo dungeon by parties twice in a matter of 10 minutes and losing a lot of expensive gear. Have not logged into the game since. This is not crying, but simply a request for a change that will give a lot more positive and fair experience to players. I will leave this in the capable hands of developers, but I am no longer keen on playing the way it is now.

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