Groundhog Day

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    • Groundhog Day

      Hey y'all! I'm new to Albion online. Not new to MMORPGs/Player driven markets.

      I found this game on Facebook scrolling through the usual area 51 memes of the day. Showed it to my friend and we both started playing together. I'm currently ahead of him.
      Hence the reason I made the subject title groundhog day. I'm spinning my wheels and getting no where fast and just about fed up with this game already. I've reached the point in crafting my tier 4 equipment and find out you have to move to the bigger city to do it. (In my case Lymhurst) And no where in this town is there a adept shop to craft anything at that isn't broken and needs repairs.
      I do not have a private island yet because IRL. Cant afford the investment right now and neither can my friend. We really like this game but its getting frustrating rather quickly as it does not seem newb friendly in any case.

      I suppose what I'm getting at in short is the half a dozen other people in this thread are looking for friends to play with and even a good guild.
      Suppose I'll mossy my way on yonder to the guild recruitment forums and check out what's there. See y'all 'round!

    • Welcome!

      For an MMO, Albion can be very rewarding when it comes to end game content but it is a game that cannot be played with haste for a first time player.

      To begin with the game can feel focused around solo activities, such as gathering and with the introduction of "Solo" dungeons you even get a chance for some rewarding PvE action if you're able to find a dungeon that hasn't been rushed by other players (they run through mobs and only kill bosses/loot chests).

      In regards to your City of Lymhurst conquest it sounds like you've hit some bad luck. Generally there is always a player owned vendor for your needs. There are other major cities though, each coming with different refining bonuses which I'll let you venture out for yourself but travelling to another may help you progress.

      Take care and all the best in Albion to you and your friend!
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