To make solo optimized dungeons more interesting..

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    • Hollywoodi wrote:

      If 2 people are within 20 meters in an SRD these blob

      All are happy, 3 man groups can farm
      2 Man groups can farm ..both are visible on map

      1 on 1 can sneak up

      Or - put the blobing on 3? Or do it tear wise?

      T4-7 blob on 2 T8 blob on 3

      Just a suggestion that could cater all
      That sound good to please the masses that are crying and shut them up.

      However, I dont think it will make much of a difference.

      3 man dive and 2 man dives in solo rd are very rare due to being time consuming and not profitable.

      Wear T4.1 to T8 dungeons, skip the first 2-3 waves and done.
      For dungeons T6 and lower skiping waves is not even necesary...For every 10 dungeons I make, I only get ganked once...and its always a 1 man gank so sometimes I manage to kill them.

      Only usefull thing I see for such an idea is that it would stop some of the noob tears.