Rarest items in game

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    • Zorva's Top Ten Rarest Items List

      1.Sabertooth Rex
      2.Master's Fawn
      3.Ghostwolf Pup
      4.Riuros Cape
      5.Tame Ghostwolf
      7.Recruiter's Giant Stag (Black One)
      8.Recruiter's Banner
      9.Recruiter's Horse
      10.Tie Between Recruiter's Dire Fox and Saint Bernard

      I know you said mounts not included but that makes creating a list quite difficult. Seasonal items return every year so that rules them out. Guild season items are released in large numbers. Founders items are everywhere. Adventurers challenge items are also quite common. That narrows it down to strictly recruiter items, discontinued farmable items, and sabertooth rex. Since many of these categories have mounts, I have to include them as many of them are in fact the rarest items in the game. I have been a collector since the beginning of the game and I've kept tabs on item numbers since their release. Based on my experience, I believe this list is accurate.
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    • Player112 wrote:

      Currently, finding a dungeon party is very rare. It will get rarer as the game turns into a single player game.
      It isn't turning into a single player game. It's just that grouping for dungeons in it's current form is not very convenient.

      The fundamental problem is that people who want to run dungeons are often scattered across the map, so even IF someone would like to run a dungeon it is, at a minimum, an inconvenience. After a couple times of running across the map only to have the person disconnect or get halfway there and they say "Oh, sorry someone else is right here and we're going to bring them." a number of people just say screw it and don't bother. Especially when risking a tour around a low pop black zone can be just as profitable or better.

      People with limited game time aren't going to wait around spamming LFG or spending 10 minutes running across the map only to have nothing come of it. Especially if they're working for silver they need to pay premium.

      Right now the easiest way to get a group for a dungeon is to join a populated active guild. Outside of that it's going to be pretty hit or miss (mostly miss, based on what I've seen).

      It's not just risk vs. reward. It's risk vs. time vs. reward. People are going spend the time doing what is most fun and profitable. Staring at LFG chat is neither.
    • Since you asked for no mounts, here is my list that I believe to be somewhat accurate.

      1. Ghostwolf Pup
      2. Master's Fawn
      3. Riuros Cape
      4. Tame Ghostwolf
      5. Snow Bunny Stalker Hat (assuming it isn't rereleased in the future)
      6. Tame Giant Stag
      7. Recruiter's Crate
      8. Recruiter's Beer Mug
      9. Recruiter's Hunter Statue
      10. Recruiter's Deer Statue

      This doesn't include any explorer's / legendary explorer's gear because they're so abundant and only seem rare because certain people hoard them all ;)

      Some interesting items that aren't on the list to be aware are in lower quantity than people probably realize:

      Horse Macabre
      Master of Bats Helmet / Master of Bats Cape
      Recruiter's Companion Crate
      Ogronios Banner / Recruiter's Banner
      Recruiter's Horse (currently massively undervalued)

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