Thanks for 3 months, but I'm out.

    • Thanks for 3 months, but I'm out.

      Hi SBI and the community,

      I joined Albion not too long ago and while the ping was 240-250 from Australia, I took with it and just soldiered on. However, I have reached a point in the game where I either get into GvG or no guild wants me.

      Thing is, the ping is shocking and I am immediately disadvantaged against anyone from NA.

      I have raised a few threads regarding the ping and I have never been answered. I've asked if servers might be made regional but never answered.
      The server performance is just a shambles. Its constantly failing, theres no stability and if you dont live close enough to the servers location then you can just go gather and hope the ping doesnt screw you.

      I enjoyed the game until I realised I wont get any further. My ping is now constantly 310+ and that's not acceptable to play. You've lost a lot of players recently due to server stability and probably many due to ping too. You have a wonderful game going - if you live in Washington that is.

      With that said, I respectfully thank the community for the fun antics we have had, I wish the team luck on their endeavour but my subscription expires in like 11 days, and after that I have to uninstall. If in the future Albion had another server located that might allow the rest of us to play on an even playing field, I would be back but until then, another player down.

      Have fun guys and be nice to each other!