2v2 Hellgate nerfed?

    • they did some shit with experience in hg and change it few patches(descrease exp from mobs and inrcrease from boss,then descrease from boss and increase from mobs,then again did something.It was 2-3 changes per last 2 months) ->as result 1 month ago we(duo) got 17k exp per boss and solo player could get 27k.Right now its 10k for duo people and dont know how much for solo player.About drop-its random... Random always strange. For example today i won 8 hellgates . 2 of them had loot near 100-200k silver per person(just runes+some t4 trash with big quanity like 8 t4 bags) another 4 hg was near 250-500k per person. 2 of them was realy,realy good with 500k+ per person.(8.2 back,7.1 cultist etc.)

      I dont feel drop changes,i feel said exp changes.