Graveguard armor need some love(its underpowered)

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    • Graveguard armor need some love(its underpowered)


      Actualy, that armor is "exclusive" for pks. Its not viable for pvp. Why do not change that? Put something that allow ppl to use that in others ways too.

      After the pull, if player receive some buff(atq or def bonus) or deal some cd on enemy(stun or silence or other), would be great. However, i think an atq bonus would be better. Would be fine with the purpose of that armor(more atq and less def).

      We will start to see more off tanks like that.

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      Fusionbomb wrote:

      Graveguard Armor excels at what it does.

      I see no need to buff it.
      as i said. Because is viable only for pk. And, in my opinion, none part of battle set should be restrict for some activities. Actually, only graveguard armor has an restric use(theres no reason to use for pvp).

      owensssss wrote:

      I’m actually surprised it was never used with ironclad in gvg. it’s strong armor in a ton of scenarios. I don’t think it needs an extra CC bonus and it definitely doesn’t need a atk bonus, it’s plate armor.
      Because wind wall is better. And graveguard has less defense. Ironclad using that will die easily. // similar thing happened to the camlan mace recently. // Its a off tank plate armor.. Noone will tank with that. Same thing with soldier armor(ironically, it provide atq bonus.. Because its a off tank armor). And i dont think that it need more CC bonus too. I said only for example. Atq bonus would better.

      Theres two ways to think:
      1)You are satisfy with that armor. You think that armor should be used only for pk and thats all.
      2)You think that armor is a off tank armor. Noone would use that to tank(10% atq bonus and less defense=useless for tank=good for off tank). But you realise that armor is viable only for pk, and you think it should be used by others way too(pvp off tank for example).
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      pk is actually a form of pvp so yeah it's pvp..

      the armor is made for the specific usage of ganking... is specifically design to do just that...

      even though these player timing is f*** horrible i im happy to finally [sadly after i left game as a core player] use a right ganking set up... this is the beautifull ganking set up [except the frost mage he made me rage i almost had to whisper to change to crossbolt it would of annialated me]...

      if you looking for a pvp armor which is plate use the others.. i see player using straight up soldier armor [got nerfed HAH!] and guardian chest actually reduces incoming damage. slow and revelas anyone with invisiblity...

      you want to buff the armor of graveguard, i don't think it needs a buff or make it strong for ganking.. when something is buff it needs to be looked at other things that are designed for it.. if it is buff cause you want to use it for pvp, than it will get buffed for ganking as well. it does what it is DESIGNED to do...

      probs on the group for actually using a ganking set up XD...

      pvp go soldier armor and or guardian...

      im sure you will come back with another debate why you want it buff but you got an uphill battle for it ^,^...

      watching movie coming back 2h to see what you type ^,^
      Random dungeon