Suggestion for dagger line

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    • Bloodletters/ daggers are forced to use Stalkers Hood, especially for PvP since the "executes" don't even execute properly under 40% due to how tanky everyone is.

      If you want to FF with Bloodletters I recommend Stalker Hood, Stalker Jacket, Cutlist Sandals, Bloodletter, (Whatever Offhand you prefer, I go for facebreaker or taproot but you could go for Cryptcandle or Mistcaller/ Torch if you're poor. )
      Because you're essentially an armor shredding BOT with some decent AOE post shred.

      ~ Bring on the Season 7 BL buff
      ~ Make daggers A Tier

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    • It's like people don't read the things i mention in the first post and getting stuck on single points ignoring everything else i said.

      Yes.. yes.. stalker hood, stalker jacket.. and you can never fame anything else outside of these using daggers.. or fame daggers using anything else..

      so what if i want to level my cloth later on..? I have to start leveling a new weapon for that... let's all just close our eyes and use fame credits.. ok good.

      ... for the videos showing montage of daggers in pvp.. there is a video for every DPS weapon doing that.. so because of a video it makes it great ? i don't think so..
      pvp doesn't give you fame so it's irrelevant to the post, but since you mention it a lot even tho i said in my post that i'm aware of that already.. every weapon can efficiently farm better with any set of gear on it.. and still end up top in pvp situations.. which depend a lot on the situation...

      If you asks me, sword line is now the best for 1v1 situations especially in solo dungeons, while warbow is the best in the open world for kiting, and dagger is just escaping tool compare to these.. but that's my opinion.
      AND to the point.. bow, sword, spear, axe.. insert dps weapon, can efficiently farm fame faster and better then daggers which limits you with armor choices and then still bad even with that.

      80% of the time you're asked to use another weapon.. the solution that made most sense to me, is adding little bit more AOE options just to make life easier for people who want to PVE with the weapon, and actually play the weapon.. could even make that aoe not viable for pvp, stand time, channel etc.. so it doesn't ruin your role play single target fantasy.. but oh well... i guess you all keep playing your fire staffs while denying any decent suggestion thank you very much. o/
    • matmatu wrote:

      I tried to explain this problems, and so many others.
      The daggers are so good. But have far too many flaws. And with all these people who don't know anything about it. The weapon will never be reworked. It is unfortunate.
      Daggers dont really have many flaws, blood letter and claws are probably the most used weapons in the whole game for pvp/ganking for alot more than a year...also, Deathgivers are still very used in solo pvp, just check in albion 2d meta! The normal dagger sucks, and dual daggers are kinda good if you know what ur doing, i would say that the only dagger wep that needs some love is the 1h dagger, i never seen a soul using that! Every weapon line has flaws, just look at the sword line or the quarterstaff line! Look at the bedrock mace as an example, why that weapons even exists? Some weapons should be deleted, because they dont provide any advantage. I know that the 1h dagger is good at pve, but tbh, who cares about pve? Albion pve is like a preparation for pvp, albion is all about pvp, and 1h dagger is as bad as a stick, thats probably the only dagger that needs to be worked on, the rest is on a pretty good state, and the abilities are not bad either.
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