Suggestion for dagger line

    • Suggestion for dagger line

      Since there are now solo random dungeons, and every weapon has some AoE making it viable to run them.. i am really hoping to see some change to dagger line which feel so out of place..

      Currently there are only few ways to level dagger line :

      1. Roaming mobs. (Is really boring and not worth the pain.)
      2. Hellgate. (usually 2v2, but it's not everyone favorite.)
      3. Tome of Insights. (you go gank a gatherer, and buy tomes.)
      4. Fame credits. (play a healer, and level your daggers.)

      You can run stalker jacket or hellion for some weak AoE options.. but that only really work with bloodletter which already has some sort of execute AoE..

      I really think the weapon should have some AoE option, even a weak one.. it would be healthy for the weapon line, and for the solo random dungeons.

      I understand some people say it's "pvp weapon" but i'm sure alot of players dropped the idea of faming up daggers without the options i mention above.. and it's just not fair for people who love it and want to play it all the way.

      I'm not an expert but here is a small idea :

      Dagger line new W : Blade Dance : Channeling for 3 second, dealing X damage per 0.5 seconds. 15~30 second cooldown.

      Please give feedback & share your thoughts on the weapon.
    • ViLEuo wrote:

      It does have an AoE(basically)...chain slash.
      It unlocks at 85, and after testing it for a while it was really bad skill.. people will give up long before opening it.. i didn't mention it because it's irrelevant to my point..

      And even if you did somehow managed to make it work for you.. you still have to farm 21,236,453 fame to unlock it.. without using it.
      And let's just be honest, no one like to take dagger users to fame farm random dungeons.. not even a single weapon in the tree make it work.. can you say that for other weapons ?
      Tank weapons are covered, healers are covered. in the damage dealers weapons there is at least 1 accepted weapon in each tree, and for dagger line there are non.
    • I love the weapons.. i do ok with them in pvp situations.. but i don't see myself making it 400/400 spec only using the weapons killing mobs 1 by 1.. so fame credits, tomes.. whatever but what is the point.. i wanna actually enjoy the weapon playing it..
      I am surprised nobody care about that fact.. i even asked around people how they fame their dagger spec and they all answer the same "fame credits".. that's just not legit if you ask me, you don't get to play the weapons..

      But it just not fun at all to fame farm it.

      And aside from dash, it doesn't bring too much to the table... burst damage ? there are so many weapons with burst that are also aoe... brimstone etc

      It's just mobility then ?

      Gibba wrote:

      I fame farm with bl in groups.
      Stalker jacket plus stalker hood.
      Works very well.

      I already mention this in my post, stalker jacket and bloodletter .. anything else ? and no it doesn't work very well it's just decent, and very limiting. pick any other weapon and you'll feel far more superior.
      and also get an armor of your choice while doing so.
    • MEATCUP wrote:

      Zpike wrote:

      I really think the weapon should have some AoE option, even a weak one

      Zpike wrote:

      It unlocks at 85, and after testing it for a while it was really bad skill.. people will give up long before opening it.. i didn't mention it because it's irrelevant to my point..
      AOE option that's not the AOE option you already have.

      I'd say that's pretty relevant.
      Chain slash may be useful on 5v5, but it's not even comparable to anything on the other melee dps w line.
      If it cost half the mana maybe. But in this state it's for sure not a pve friendly weapon.

      The big problem for me is the single target Q btw. Having a option for an aoe q without or with a very small pierce would be great.

      Ps I'm already full on dagger tree so I'm not whining for myself, just stating my experience.
    • Theat wrote:

      Daggers should not have an AOE option. They are great weapons without AOE.
      Ok ? you will clear a solo dungeon in 20min, while i complete 4 in that time using any other weapon.. fair ? I don't believe so.

      Nobody said that they are not a great weapon, it's the weapon set i love playing the most.. it does really need an AOE for sure.. or at least making it more value for a party fame farm.. if not that.. then solo..

      Here is an example how it feels doing a solo dungeon :

      dagger : 100 damage each Q, 64 damage normal attacks.. no aoe..
      spear : 140 damage each Q aoe, 110 damage normal attacks..

      Fun fact.. my spec is 100 in the dagger
      and around 20 in the spear.. but that's not the point at all.. nothing to argue about... it is just painful trying to fame farm daggers no matter what you will say.

      I'm not here to complain about the weapon, i'm here to suggest a better future for it.. as for me i'll keep playing it even tho it is harder to fame then anything, and leave you with no friends to fame with..

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    • @matmatu Ill tell you more - he was invited to the new round table.

      Constructive FeedbackFusionbomb

      Funny, isn't it? I don't know who's idea it was , but it is horrible as f*ck.

      P.S No offence @Fusionbomb , but it is my subjective opinion , your game knowledge are very low. Same as your manner of talk and the way how you introducing your thoughts.

      P.S.S And don't think that i'm angry/jealous or something like that , i would not even accept invitation on the new Round Table due to my personal view and reasons. But when i see such people in RD - it is making me sad.

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