My Albion Dilemma

    • My Albion Dilemma

      Currently i have almost 1500 hours ingame, my dilemma Is i don t know what else to do.
      I cannot compete on gvg because i cannot be at X time all days because of life.
      So i used to have fun grinding (before rdg patch) which was a "hard" grind in order to master an spec, so in our group, there was a dedicated healer, tank, range dps , melee dps.
      Problem right know, its too easy, everybody can máster an spec in days, when it used to take months maybe.
      So everybody can heal, tank, dps, i dont mean this is bad, but its like there is no more unique guys, as any other mmo.

      The dilemma, i am not having fun anymore, i reach Max specs on what i enjoy playing, i grind for the sake of grinding, after rdg patch it became Easy, so the grind which looked impossible and was a grind fest, became fast and Easy, so i achieved my goal. Now what?, I cannot gvg stated before, grinding became boring and nosense.
      So logging everyday became logging once or two per week, playing other games, looking foward updates.
      Would like a a ranked arena system, or ranked gvg system to balance encounters, to make things fun for everyone.
      What do you, veterans players do to still have fun ingame ?

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    • If you aren't in a guild where you can just chill and enjoy the game, then that'd be the first change I'd recommend.

      If you've already got that then maybe try and find ways to challenge yourself. Take out non-conforming builds and solo, maybe teach new players how to play?

      Really all depends on your personality and the things you're into.

      Alternatively, take a break and come back at a later stage.

      Expanding on the above comment, if you're looking for a guild to get involved with, we're actively looking for content creators and we also pay for it as well. Something to keep in mind.
    • I am currently on a guild with friends, we play Lot of games together, so the guild Is ok. I brought some friends and teach them about the game. A break Is what i am currently doing :p. Would like something to compete for but i see gvg More like a work than a good time.

      The solo idea Is actually good, but i am more a team guy player, but i might give it a try