group dungeon are quite broken (loot/exp)

    • group dungeon are quite broken (loot/exp)

      1)Today i was testing group dungeon exp/loot.We had party 6 people and come to lvl 6 redzonde RD.We found Golden chest on lvl 2 and golden on lvl 5.After dungeon we sell and count loot from all chests we got only 700k(300-350k was bags) silver per person. I want to ask someone WTF IS THAT? we got like 4-6 t5 bags and other...trash...
      2) we have a little bit strange party,but before patch it work fine . im tank with trinity spear since in my party several people have autoattack builds like :1h dagger with morgana back,hunter jacket, tourch etc. Usually this melee DD destroy any t5-7 mob in 6-10 seconds with trinity spear buff just solo(6.3 masterpiece one handed dagger with 100/100 mastery on it)...right now its only 30-50% hp of same mob. i have same question.WTF IS THAT?

      we running dungeon with overgear for speedrun(high risk,high reward),but right now its doesnt look like speedrun ...if before we spend 4.5m on 1 lvl T8 CRYPT right now its 15-17m on 1 level. Armor reduction working bad//its doesnt boost damage enough like it was.Pure damage from potion was nerfed. I have feeling that i was "f*ck up".Like last 1,5- 2 months i was learning how to do that shit right and fast and now i have feeling that all this shit was usless.

      Dungeon become more intresteing from "game design" side.New traps,new mobs,but the time/exp/loot its x2-x3 more ugly then it was.Solo dungeon are match easy and better then group dungeon/more profitable