regarding mob armor increase

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    • regarding mob armor increase

      as far as i have seen only mob armor/hp will be changed without related weapon changes.

      dev note says mobs ehp wont change (only very minor decimal changes).

      -> its possible i overlook sth in the following and theres no problem at all with the changes' relation to armor debuffs. just tell me and dont act like retards.

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      BUT: if this is all, we have an indirect pve nerf for all armor reductions (e.g. cursed pierce) since they all reduce armor by an absolute value, not relative (percentages).
      imo this is a problem since we have diminishing returns on armor = the more armor u stack the less dmg reduction u get for any additional armor - this also means the less armor u have the stronger an armor debuff becomes.
      (this means if 200 armor get reduced by 30 the dmg increase is way smaller than 100 armor reduced by 30.)
      currently cursed pierce increases dmg dealt to mobs by about 25%. if we increase mob armor by a lot cursed pierce will increase the dmg dealt to mobs by "a lot less", maybe 15%, maybe 10%, maybe less.
      this applies to every single armor reduction in game (unless i forgot a percentage based).

      possible solution: armor reductions to mobs are percentage based (different for every tier, could maybe be a static value that takes into account the reaver title).

      im aware that mobs need the increased armor to get to their old ehp values.
      but isnt it still a nerf to armor debuffs?
      if im not totally mistaken adjusted armor debuffs shouldnt make mobs "oneshotable".

      thanks for reading, thanks for enlightening me :D.