Renting out my 5 silver-generating islands once again! My two month back-order is finally finished and we're back open TOMORROW! (Long, detailed, but well worthy read. Make MILLIONS in 17 minutes daily!)

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    • Renting out my 5 silver-generating islands once again! My two month back-order is finally finished and we're back open TOMORROW! (Long, detailed, but well worthy read. Make MILLIONS in 17 minutes daily!)

      Table of Contents
      1. Introduction
      2. Analysis (How much silver is generated daily?)
      3. Prices
      4. Q&A
      5. Contact
      6. Daily Yield


      Up for rent is my silver-machine. My slave labor islands! In brief, they are as follows, with analysis and some Q&A below.

      • Three full tier player islands, jam packed with T7 houses, beds, tables, and T8 laborers.
      • 33 Blacksmiths, 33 Imbuers, 33 Fletchers, all with their own Player Island
      • 126 Tinkers on two separate full tier Guild Islands (63 Tinkers each)
      Analysis (How much silver is generated daily?) (UPDATED)

      For a solid month, journal prices skyrockted. Now that they are on the downswing, this is the perfect time to rent these islands.

      As of the creation of this post, here are the current costs for a day's work in journals.
      (126 full Tinker journals x 31, 000 silver) = 3,906,000 silver
      (33 full Imbuer journals x 44,000 silver) = 1,452,000 silver
      (33 full Blacksmith journals x 33,000 silver) = 1,089,000 silver
      (33 full Fletcher journals x 38,000 silver) = 1,254,000 silver

      Final Initial Cost: 7,701,000 silver

      As of the creation of this post, here are the profits you will make from the empty journals alone that you will receive after a day's work.
      (126 empty Tinker journals x 16,000 silver) = 2,016,000 silver
      (33 full Imbuer journals x 17,000 silver) = 561,000 silver
      (33 full Blacksmith journals x 16,000 silver) = 528,000 silver
      (33 full Fletcher journals x 17,000 silver) = 561,000 silver

      Final Empty Book Revenue: 3,666,000 silver

      Then comes the real money. You will receive 125-250 of each refined resource (planks, leather, cloth, and metal bars) with the possibility of also getting 7.1, 7.2, or even 7.3!
      Let's do some calculations with the current market (NOT including any rare drops at all). See image below for daily yield used in calculation.

      (264 7.0 cloth x 11,798 silver) = 3,114,672 silver
      ( 13 7.1 cloth x 18,462 silver) = 240,006 silver
      ( 1 7.2 cloth x 40,000 silver) = 40,000 silver
      ( 1 7.3 cloth x 88,000 silver) = 88,000 silver

      (320 7.0 metal bars x 7,065 silver) = 2,260,800 silver
      ( 23 7.1 metal bars x 12,690 silver)= 291,870 silver
      ( 2 7.2 metal bars x 34,000 silver)= 68,000 silver

      (139 7.0 leather x 9,239 silver) = 1,284,281 silver
      (11 7.1 leather x 16,600 silver) = 182,600 silver

      (368 7.0 planks x 8,270 silver) = 3,043,360 silver
      ( 18 7.1 planks x 14,600 silver)= 262,800 silver

      Final Resource Revenue: 10,876,389 silver

      FINAL TOTAL DAILY PROFIT: 6,841,389 silver


      Full Package (3 player islands, 2 guild islands)

      4,500,000 silver for one day.
      12,825,000 silver for three days (5% savings)
      28,350,000 silver for one week (10% savings) **MOST POPULAR**
      114,750,000 silver for thirty (30) days (15% savings) **BEST SAVINGS**

      Sidenote: I accept rare mounts as payment as well. Message me for more information.

      BUY THE GUILD ISLANDS (Yes, BUY. Permanently own. I will remove them from this thread and only rent out my Player Islands)

      150,000,000 silver for one island
      280,000,000 silver for both islands

      Questions and Answers:

      How long does this process take?
      If you are using the right mount, you are looking at around 4 minutes per guild island and 3 minutes per player island, totaling around 17 minutes at full efficiency.

      How can I further maximize profits?
      Use these materials and your focus to either refine T8 materials or make weapon and fill more books!

      Will you accept trades alongside silver for payment?
      Yes! I am in the hunt for a few Recruiter mounts, banners, goodies, as well as other expensive items. Let me know what you have and perhaps we can work out a deal.

      Should I use the resources from this job to fill books?
      No, you make much more by simply selling everything in bulk as is.

      Do I have to buy the entire package?
      Yes, this business is extremely lucrative and people want the full package more than simply renting one island. Sorry! Oh, and first come, first serve.

      Why aren't you just doing this yourself?
      I just had a baby. Finding even 20 minutes to do this adds more strain to my life than necessary. Why not make a buck on the side and help someone else make a buck as well? Perhaps they can spare 17 minutes a day and put in the work I usually did.

      Where are your islands based out of?

      Your prices are insanely high. Millions of silver for this business? What gives?
      The amount of silver you will make over time on this project is absolutely insane. You can ask anyone. I put so much silver and hard work into my islands and it has allowed me to live quite lavishly in the world of Albion. I have almost every collectible mount in the game, I have full islands, I am never strapped for silver, and I can afford a year of premium in just a week by doing this activity alone.

      Can I purchase your islands for longer times than 30 days for a bigger discount?
      Yes, but message me privately.

      What if I forget to collect one day? Can I get pro-rated silver back?
      All sales are final.

      How can I trust you?
      I've been playing this game since beta and I'm in an extremely reputable guild with reputable friends in game as well. I'm just a guy with a little less time on his hands. Also, feel free to message the following customers of mine that have rented my islands:
      • Combatlooter (1 day)
      • Fruis (1 day and another 7 days)
      • DoubleDabbed (3 days and another 7 days)
      • Firavun (3 days)
      • Ohelig (14 days)
      • Shigukii (1 day)
      • SkFrajerko (1 day)
      • DeadlessZombie (7 days)

      How will we go about this entire process?
      After the deal is finalized, I will show you around my islands. You will be made a visitor with exclusive rights to each and every house on my islands. Your payment will be made up front (no questions asked here) and you will be free to roam my islands to collect your millions every single day. After your allotted time is up, I will then remove your access to my properties. Perhaps further business may include a bigger discount down the road!

      Your cut of the pie is far too big! This is bullshit!
      I'm giving the opportunity to make around 2 million silver in 17 minutes daily. If that is too much for you, then please find business elsewhere. I put hours of time and millions upon millions of silver into building these silver-machines. The end result is so that players like us can make shitloads of silver, so I'd like my fair share. Remember, you will probably make more based on the amount of shinies you're lucky enough to find. Great are the days when you find that 7.3 leather!

      Feel free to message me through the forums, but you can also catch me in game. My player name is WipeHype. You can also find me on Discord @ WipeHype#7418

      Take care, and if you have any questions or would like a tour, please feel free to let me know!



      People have been asking me what my "daily yield" is. My good pal DeadlessZombie shared one of his recent yields with me, I'm sure he wouldn't mind me showing you as well.

      Albion Online IGN: WipeHype
      Laborer Taskmaster and Mount Enthusiast

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    • SkFrajerko wrote:

      Tried his package, not profit i lost 2M +-
      You must have purchased every journal at 50,000 silver each. Losing money this way is damn near impossible and I have no idea what you did wrong, which is probably why @Saya is laughing.

      You can't even dispute it with my math. You can do it all yourself and check everything with the market.
      Albion Online IGN: WipeHype
      Laborer Taskmaster and Mount Enthusiast

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    • Thulgrom wrote:

      I'm interested in buying the guild islands, but I saw Bogul has offered you 270m and you declined. Now you're asking for 280m? Can you elaborate on why you've changed your mind?
      Sure! Bogul offered 270,000,000 when the prices of islands were slightly more expensive due to T7 brick being around 15,000. I declined the offer. At my expense, the cost of T7 brick and furnishings (bed/table) have gone down slightly, so my price of the package has went down slightly. My old valuation of resources alone were 270,000,000. Now they are around 230,000,000. I value my T8 laborers and the daily continual value of them at around 50,000,000 since it took a month to get them to T8.

      So 230,000,000 + 50,000,000 is where I get the new value of 280,000,000. When Bogul offered 270,000,000, my valuation was around 325,000,000, so I declined.

      Hope that helps!
      Albion Online IGN: WipeHype
      Laborer Taskmaster and Mount Enthusiast
    • Review of this service:

      Getting easily some millions being appealing, I choose to test this service.

      I contacted @Xanthirius to see if I can rent the island and got a very fast answer. After some nice discussions I got access to the islands and started the work.

      I bought 126 tinker, 33 fletcher, 33 blacksmith and 33 imbuer T7 journals at the market price for a total of 7.899.935s so in the range of what’s written above (I’ll put details later).

      If I add the 4.5m renting fee I payed a total of 12.399.935s

      The next day I came back for the ressources (see picture). With my usual luck, no .3 and not so many .2 but anyway, laborers don’t like me, it’s the same on my own islands.

      By selling everything, included empty journals, I got 14.470.927s.

      That means that in 24 hours I earned 2.070.992 silvers.

      If you check the maths above, it fits. You just have to diminish the profit announced of 6.841.389silver by the renting fee (in my case 4.5m) to get what you’ll really get.

      So, conclusion: all of this is true. You can easily make money (2m a day minimum) by renting those islands but you have to invest a bit more than 12m each day.

      My final review is : Very positive

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