Mob Armor/HP changes

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    • LOL I can't kill the boss inside the solo dungeon in Runnel Sink now... This use to be a pretty easy fight but now forget it. I hit him for 418 with max stack T6.0 pike on Rooting Smash. He hits me for 1132 with Powerful Lunge. I am fine with these not being solo-able anymore but they should give better fame if that is the plan. Or are the numbers simply way off currently?
    • What would you recommend I change then? All T6 mage cowl / assassin jacket / soldier boots / pike / t8 stew / heal pot. Even switched to flame shield on jacket to see if that would help but didn't make much difference. Dodged all attacks minus his auto attacks and an unblockable 1136 magic dmg ability. My halberd toon has zero issues especially with new W ability. Though even with just using adredaline boost with halberd that does fine as well. Guessing you were doing your testing in static solo dungeons not solo random dungeons correct? Cause the solo random dungeons are easy as well as all the other mobs in said static solo dungeon. Hell even group random dungeons are easy peasy. The only one that was like this was toon called The Governor. I guess he is pissed about his eye and thought I was Michonne.

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