How to make a LOT of money?

    • BurdenPlayer wrote:

      If you have not gotten to Tier 4 weapons and gears, a good way to get money is farm Tier 3 resources and sell them in the market. Do save up a bit to get an ox mount. that way you can carry more while farming. you can also choose to move between towns to check out the trends in the market. create toon characters and station them at the main city so that you can check the trends each day. Make sure your toon is naked, cos far travelling naked is free. Once you have an idea what to farm for, bring the Ox and go farming. Below is a map that I made for travelling. you can use it to plan how you want to travel between the towns and cities. Note that you will LOSE ALL EQUIPMENTS AND BELONGINGS THAT YOU BRING WITH YOU if you die in the RED ZONEs, so do avoid. I wanted to use the shortcut but learnt the lesson the hard way. Now my slowly rebuilding my resources again. Play Safe and Stay PVE.

      T3 resources? You may as well do solo dungeons, even corrupted on hunter would pay more.
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    • Baelfyre wrote:

      Let's say you had 20-30mill in silver. Curious to hear everyone's thoughts on the best/fastest way to put that money to use to double, triple or quadruple it?
      Gear buy orders.
      Then set it to sell via sell order.
      You can start from gear you personally using.
      Buy 4 sets via orders, sell 3, since it gives +30% average profit, 4th will be free.
      It works well.
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