Unique Tank Passives?: qstaff, hammer, and Mace

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    • Unique Tank Passives?: qstaff, hammer, and Mace

      I am curious on when they will begin to give the the three main Tank trees some unique passives to the weapon trees All three have been the same for the past few years. I understand that some of the other weapons can be used as a bruiser build, but for now they are all seen as tank weapons.

      The health (new life steal) and energy ones are always going to be used.

      The stun CC is able to be used by Qstaffs due to the weapon having a high attack speed to proc it. The only other tank weapon to use this is Forge Hammers bruiser build.

      The last one for CC increase, to my knowledge, is rarely used. Even if you proc it, you have to really be patient to time it with your CC abilities. Then again, the attack speed on mace and hammer weapons are slow to get it off and you already had to use your spells to change the course of the battle immediately. Be nice to have a better way to proc this.

      Open to ideas. Especially, a better way to proc passives for tanks.
    • The passive Authority, 50% Cc increase, I’ve seen that used in gvgs as a way of essentially having a free hunter boot when your other buffs and spells are on cd. I saw that back when Ghammer was gvg tank meta.

      I actually really like that one as a precedent. It’s a big increase if you’re cognizant enough to play around it. Honestly what spell grants 50% cc increase? To combat the slow autos the reward should be pretty large but have a short window.

      Like maybe a passive like Authority but with healing received. So if you coordinate with your healer, their graveguard could heal a massive amount.

      Another could be an AOE resistance for 2-3 sec like the mace Q. If a tank saves stacks to pop for the enemy combo they stand a chance to provide resistances for their whole team.