Internet Connection per Hour ?

    • Internet Connection per Hour ?

      So, I'm new to Albion, and im pretty much enjoying the game a lot for now. But soon, like tomorrow, i will go to a place where the internet is limited. I dont know if anybody knows how much mb per hour this game eats? I know some games eat really small amounts per hour, (like vindictus eats around 8mb per hour, which is really great i think). In my opinion it shouldnt really take that much as it only uses internet to connect you to the Albion world. I dont know if other players affect your connection, but they shouldnt theorotically. So yeah, thats what i wonder, because i will be staying there for some months and i really want to continue my journey.
    • Senia wrote:

      I dont know if other players affect your connection, but they shouldnt theorotically.
      theoretically they should. The more players there are on your screen/map - the more information server has to send you to update their movement and status to properly display on your screen. That is true for all multiplayer games, especially MMOs where amount of downloaded data can vary greatly depending on your activity and location. So gathering resources and/or tending to your island farm wont take much, but hanging in towns or doing some mass-pvp is completely different story.

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    • I don't know the exact numbers, but I know it's nothing to be really concerned about.

      Back when I played Eve, I checked my mobile data connection and found it to be consuming ~16MB/hr. This is with thousands of players in the same area.

      Google-Fu yielded this result, which supports my data usage theory (so it must be right /s):

      "If i recall correctly, it was around 50MB for 1-2h of gathering"
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