Disconnecting, Latency, Routing, DDo’s Issues!

    • Disconnecting, Latency, Routing, DDo’s Issues!

      I think most of us right now could agree the state of the game play-wise is appalling, honestly I'm sick and tired of disconnecting, lagging, having latency issues and hearing the same old things about it's a DDos attack, that they’re migrating servers or there's connection issues due to rerouting of data through certain zones. What else are you going to tell us the moon is made of cheese? This issue has been going on week in week out for months, but for a start what type of company launches a game, advertises it as an MMO'rpg, Massive Multiplayer Online, that doesn’t have localized servers. One server in America! One! Lmao RIP EU players sorry guys! Secondly going F2P, launching on steam from a P2P business model which at the time had a much smaller community and player base, additionally on top of the fact you made the first mistake of having a poor infrastructure and clearly no clue how to setup a proper networking plan or a response plan in hindsight.

      Seriously we're tired of your excuses now, fix it because you're destroying this game, truthfully it's a shame because it has a high-potential. There is ever only so much people can take before they start looking elsewhere, as a customer I’m not investing my money into a dead horse not worth the betting. The fact you even dare promote another update or expansion which will put more strain on the game before you even fix these issues is poor quality service I’m not mad just disappointed don’t get your hopes up guys same old story different day. Here is a suggestion why does the company not invest in servers in the EU as well as America, let’s meet halfway and also find an appropriate hosting service, which SBI keeps not mentioning the name of? Seems like they’re keeping something under wraps about this so called professional and widely known hosting company. Sure a VPN might be okay for certain areas but not all especially here in the UK as well as other parts of the EU which I’m sure make up a large sum of the player base including streamers like Lewpac who is forced to use a VPN. Plenty of time has been given to sort this out properly, yet again it’s all just fake news, good job well done on losing out at least Jagex has the right idea with their localised servers. clap