Order Of The Skrulls. Written By (T.A.H- GNYU) The Last Hero

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    • Order Of The Skrulls. Written By (T.A.H- GNYU) The Last Hero

      Order Of The Skrulls. Written By (T.A.H- GNYU)

      The Last Hero

      As I stand here with my hands and armor soaked in dried blood; the silver tint of my armor is now dyed with reflective red. As the clouds roll down off the hillside, the bodies of the fallen and soon forgotten are covered by a white foggy mist that only God himself would create to cover the true horrors of war. For a moment I hear nothing, true silence is deafening, but the moans of the dying is unforgettable. Then out of nowhere I hear cheers of the nearby villagers calling my name and calling me a hero. As I turn to see the people of the village come to honor me, my steps splash the blood of the enemy and that of my brothers in battle, is when I notice I am the only one standing- the only one alive. As my soul, yells out to my God, “why?” I have now become the trophy of peace or was it conquest. The chronicle will be the evidence of twisted ideology, because when I reach down beneath God’s created mist looking for my brothers I can’t tell who is the hero or the vile heartless.

      Now crowned king, born from the blood of the fallen and the voices of the saved, I order the enemies’ bodies to be burned and their bones crushed until the wind blows what remains across the land. Then take our fallen heroes’ bodies and remove their armor and give it to their sons and daughters while showing homage, and the bodies to be buried in the valley where their souls have fallen, to plant lilies around and out from their sepulcher which will fill the valley with new life and not leaving it feeling of death.

      This is and was the one thing I ever felt gave me peace from the day of being forsaken, because every day after this was preparing for another day of demise. Every day I showed the first born offspring and the orphans of my fallen heroes how to sharpen and feather their weapon blades and arrows. I showed them how to chant a destructive word and sing a healing song, how to look into the enemies’ eyes to know how to feel for their next sway, to stand guard at the foothills of the valley and look after the lilies leading to the village, to have the ghost of the bravest at their back leading them to victory and guiding their blades and feather arrows one stroke away from death. The sun will always be in the enemies’ eyes and the warmth on the backs of the Knights of the Skrulls.