Summer Alpha Beginners Guide v1.3

  • Summer Alpha Beginners Guide v1.3

    SECTION ONE: Begining

    Character Creation: Some quick things to note is that accounts can only hold one character and in the Winter Alpha the delete character button was disabled so it is important that you make sure your character's name, gender, hair style, color and all is set to how you want it as you might not beable to redo it later. The Character portrait you choose does not really matter much since you can change the portrait at any time by clicking on your portrait icon in the top left hand of the screen.

    As you first come to life in Albion you will be just outside of one of the three or so starting towns.

    As a founder you will be given all your physical rewards through the ingame mailing system. Before you unpack anything, follow the pathway north-east into town. There in the center of town is the town chest where you can deposit everything safely. Unpack all your rewards once your standing right next to it. You can wear your founder's clothing and equip your horse or ox but not both. It is best to leave everything in the town chest for the first few minutes as you learn about the game or experience your first death. [To access the mail system you right click your character protrait in the top left corner of the screen.]

    Now you can begin on your destiny board objectives. In the bottom middle of the screen you'll notice some text and a button to open your destiny board. This board is like a giant spherical skill tree with no limits on the number of paths you can choose. That means with enough time and effort you can actually master every single skill path. You level up skill paths by doing as the objectives say. When a new weapon is unlocked, using that weapon to kill monsters will slowly increase that weapon path. Crafting a weapon or armor will slowly increase that crafting path. Gathering and farming work the same as well. You simply do what you want to do and you progress based on those actions.

    At the start of the game however, your destiny board is set to a linear path that you must complete before you can have free reign over your skills. Just read the objectives and do them as fast as you can. You should be done with the starting objectives within 10 mins, based on how familar you are with the game.

    SECTION TWO: Death, durability loss and penalties?

    Whenever you die whether it is from an NPC monster or a player you will incure roughly 33% durabilty loss to all items you have with you. This includes items that are equiped and sitting in your inventory. (Your mount, weapons, armor, tools all take durability damage). Anything that is Tier 2 and up is going to cost you to repair back in town and the more durability loss the greater the costs. If you die in a safe zone your body will be left where it fell with your items on it. You have 10 mins to get to your body before it becomes full loot to anyone passing by. Now the real danger is while on your way to get your body, if you die again your body marker which tells you where your body is will move to the second slain body. This means finding your old body will be even harder and less likely. [In Green zones when you lose all your health you do not immediately die. Instead you are just knocked down. You can select the option to get back up and then try to run away. You will be given a short buff and shield. Your items will still take the heavy durability damage.]

    This is the danger of death in the game, even in safe zones you can easily lose all of your posessions by accidently dying a second time. Be sure that before you go adventuring into unknown territories you have backup equipment in your town chest. This way should you die, you will have proper gear to equip and retrieve your body with. In yellow zones death will not
    allow looting until after 10 mins but in full red zones players will be able to loot your body imediately. (Everything you had on you and inside your inventory is lootable. This includes the mount. Silver and Gold coins are completely safe and cannot be looted.)

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  • SECTION THREE: Resources, Hides, & Silver

    When it comes to resources, you can get them from the resource nodes that are scattered across every map. Wood comes from chopping down trees with an ax, stone comes from breaking stone slabs using the hammer. Ore comes from the ore nodes using the pick-ax. (Not all resources mentioned here)

    Hides are retrieved using the skinning knife after killing non-humanoid monsters. (Rabbits, foxes, wolves, bears, ect)

    Similar to Minecraft, tools for gathering all have Tier levels. Resource nodes have matching tier levels. You must use a tool that is either equal tier or better to gather the resource.

    In order to get silver you must find humanoid creatures such as bandits, skeletons, knights giants and others I may have not mentioned. Each of these humanoid monsters is given a silver drop minimum and maximum value. When one first spawns it begins with its minimum drop and over time this increases until capping off at the maximum drop. Once killed the creature resets to its
    minimum drop value. The key to silver farming is finding the monsters that have not been slayne recently.

    SECTION FOUR: Refining, Crafting & Trading

    Every town has a collection of buildings in it. Some are hosted by the game while others are player owned. When you open the town map you will see the buildings marked by picture icons that tell you the building's tier level and what type of building it is.

    You will notice that wood gathered is useless on it's own. It needs to be refined into lumber. Look for the building icon for lumber and that will lead you to a lumber mill where you can refine your raw wood. Ore's are taken to smelting pots, hides are taken to the tanners.

    Crafting follows the same structure; you look for building icons based on the craft. Sword icon is where you will find melee weapon crafting and platemail armor. Bow & Target icon is the archery range which lets you craft ranged weapons and leather armor. The magic tower is used for crafting magic staves and silk robe armor. Tools can be crafted at the tool shop and repairs are done by the icon's that say "Trash" on them.

    You are able to change the abilities of your crafted gear by taking it to a repair station and dropping it into the reforge tab. This will cost some added silver but is a very useful feature in preserving the usefulness of Master and Epic crafted gear.

    Trading is done at the Auction House found near the town chest. The auction house works similar to other games like World of warcraft. When you put an item up for auction, you must pay a silver tax based on how much your selling the item/s for. Half of the tax is paid to list the product and the second half is paid if the item sells. One important thing to note is that Auction Houses
    are not globally linked. This means if you put a sword up for sale in Queen's Market, then head to King's Market auction house, you will not see the item there. It is only in Queen's Market. After a product sells you must physically travel to the Auction house that sold it and pick up the silver. You will be informed via the mailing system whenever your items sell.

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  • SECTION FIVE: Combat Skills & Mounts.

    During the crafting phase, you will notice that weapons and armors have slots for you to insert passive and active skills. Passive skills are those which do not need to be triggered. They are always in use. Active skills are ones the player will need to activate using a hot key in or before combat. All your active skills will be displayed on the right side of the screen as icons. In the middle of each icon is a hot key letter telling you what button triggers it.

    Everytime you get on and off of your mount it will take a bit of durability loss as well as simply riding it around. The horse adds a boost of speed, increases the amount of weight you can carry and has a small health bar (seen during combat). The ox will decrease your speed a little but allow you to carry around 240% more weight. I believe this value changes some as you get higher tier oxen. The ox also has much more health then the horse. The health of your mount drops as it is attacked and when it reaches 0 health you are forced to dismount. The mount does not die from this.

    As you dismount your active skills will go on a short cooldown before you can use them, so if you are planning to attack someone who is already on foot, it is wise to give yourself some time and space for your skills to become active unless you happen to have superior gear or player numbers. Also note that you cannot attack while mounted.

    SECTION SIX: Learning Points & Endurance

    Similar to skill points, the learning points allow you to unlock destiny trees and branches. The farther up the tree you go the more points required. Unlocking a branch will require you to first grind some fame points before you can spend your points to unlock the tree path. Learning points are NOT limited in numbers like other games. These points regenerate over time allowing players to eventualy unlock every destiny path. It does however mean you should plan out your path progression wisely to keep up with your fame grinding. Trying to master everything at once will mean a slower upward progression.

    Endurance comes in two forms. first is your personal endurance which is used up during refining materials and crafting items. The amount of Endurance you spend during these tasks depends on the tier level of the item and your destiny masteries. For instance as you refine wood over and over you can unlock masteries which reduce the amount of endurance you use during refining. You can see how much endurance you have each time you open up the refining or crafting window where it shows resource costs. You will see an icon of a Hammar and Saw as a required resource.

    The second form of Endurance you will see is that inside buildings which is also known as building capacity. You can see how much capacity a bilding has by looking at the blue bar at the bottom of the building's menu screen. Building capacity decreases everytime someone uses the building and it goes down based on the tier level of the items being crafted or refined. The capacity will regenerate over time.

    For those not wanting to read the whole post you can just pay attention to these quick notes.

    -At the start pay attention to the destiny board objectives and complete the first few ones before doing anything else. For example at the start your asked to gather rough wood first, then the rough stone but you must do it in order. If you get the stone first, then the wood it will ask you to get the stone again. Believe it or not some veterans actually failed to pay attention to this and rushed ahead.

    -Auction House's are not linked. Every town has its own AH and when an item sells you must travel back to it to pick up the silver from it. You will know when your items sell because it sends you an In-Game letter informing you.

    -To find buildings easier just hit the "M" key to bring up the local map. You can then see all buildings and their structure icon which helps you determine their purpose. The icons are pretty common-sense. Pressing "K" brings up the world map.

    -In green zones when you lose all your health you do not die immediately you just get knocked out. After waiting 30 seconds you get the option to get back up with a small buff to help you escape. Your equipment will still take huge durability loss.

    -Animals drop hides used to turn into leather, humanoids drop silver. The amount of silver dropped is higher when the mob has not recently been killed.

    -If you find yourself unable to move due to weight, just get on your horse or ox. They increase the amount of weight you can carry when riding them.

    -Most importantly, please besure to craft a Tier 2 sword before attacking the foxes in the starting town. The skinning knife is not meant for combat and you will get rektd ^^

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  • Not to be that guy but... this game is super self explanatory and it has a beginners guide of sorts when you enter in if I don't recall.... You just hit stuff to get stronger idk... I didn't take the time to read it just saying if you're hunting for forum points idk don't be Cptn obvious this is kinda mean.. sry xD
  • adfasd wrote:

    Not to be that guy but... this game is super self explanatory and it has a beginners guide of sorts when you enter in if I don't recall.... You just hit stuff to get stronger idk... I didn't take the time to read it just saying if you're hunting for forum points idk don't be Cptn obvious this is kinda mean.. sry xD

    Once I have reached 500,000 points I will beable to destroy all other forum posters. The Albion Online Forums will be mine.