HCEs vs RDs and the "risk" factor

    • HCEs vs RDs and the "risk" factor

      I often read that HCEs are for "carebears" that don't want to risk their high end gear in the open world and prefer to stay in the city while people willing to take more risks in RDs can get better better rewards in terms of fame and loot.

      However let's analyze what "risk" really is.
      The risk of dying basically, which means losing all your gear and loot and buying it all again.
      In short, risk equals silver.

      Now, in HCEs you don't risk being dived and killed by other players, however you DO risk to die, or at least to be knocked down.
      And the thing with HCE is that in order to be completed at higher levels they do require really high end equipment, often 8.x or equivalent (6.3 masterpiece) which is UNGODLY expensive to repair. Hence, silver.

      That is gear that most players wouldn't bring to a RD for the very reason that they can't afford buying more than 1 of that rarity, so they opt for cheaper loot that they are ok with the idea of losing.

      Bringing 8.x in a HCE (which is pretty much required to complete it at higher levels) and repairing it can easily cost a player over half a million silver.
      Which can be even more expensive than a regular t6 gear for RDs in the open world.

      Either type of content can potentially be equally risky, so I don't see why so many players constantly rate HCEs as the "little brother" of RDs.
      Yes, FF is much quicker in RDs, but that's the point: should it be?
    • Hollywoodi wrote:

      No in HCE Nobody but you and your 4 guildmates decide if you loose silver or not

      If you have skill, you will not loose anything. If you bad you pay

      In bz Rd, your pve skill helps but if you live or not is not completely in your hand..
      Interesting perspective. One may argue that even in pvp if you're good enough work right gear you'd win, but I get your point.

      I just disagree when ppl say HCE are carebears content, because it's potentially the hardest in the game once above a certain level and I do believe it should be rewarded better or at least invested in by the game developers. Atm it's kinda dead content and it's a shame
    • @teopower89 Were you here pre-HCE nerf?

      It was cancerous. There were no RDs - so you had no competitive option to FF other than the HCE. It resulted in people who knew the maps well and had enough capital to 'risk' repair bills would sit and roll through maps for hours on end, making silver hand over fist, and not downing.

      If you can memorize the mechanics of a scenario in which nothing bad happens and there is no outside engagement to disrupt, it's 100% carebear content. Trying to make an argument that going down is a risk doesn't hold water - people would quit groups before they even smelled a bad pull.

      @Hollywoodi said it best. When 100% of the risk you take relies on your own groups decisions/plays/builds, then there is no other fair comparison - sure it has parallels, but it's not a genuine assessment to think that 'Even if PvP if you're good enough" - No. You're no longer the only group entity making a good/bad decision in those moments.

      It's not even close to potentially the hardest content in the game - It's the hardest, risk-averse, instanced, PVE only content in the game.
    • I dislike the concept of HCE in this game, mostly because nothing should be risk free beside if when you are learning the game. Easy fix to that would be to make the mob execute the players but the HCE player base wouldn't like this I assume.

      I think the best place HCE is to be a reliable / effectively way to get sigil (or whatever that token is called to make royal gear). Lore wise kinda make sense since HCE are in the Royals and the Royals look down on people who PvP (reputation system).

      Another way for HCE would be to use something similar to the rift system in Diablo3. How those work is you are timed to do them and you have a leader board that reset every X days / weeks.

      They could even push this further and add challenge to those board, kinda like you aren't allow to bring a nature or holy staff or you only must have X weapon in your 5 man for bonus points.

      Another thing they could do is have 2 group race to the boss. Similar to HG kinda but strictly PvE. The group who beat the instance first get a bonus chest or something
    • jester82 wrote:

      I dislike the concept of HCE in this game, mostly because nothing should be risk free beside if when you are learning the game.
      Saying that HCE are risk free is simply put a false statement.
      The easiest way to demonstrate this is that NO ONE EVER completed a lvl 15. Not even in time. This is because once you reach a certain level, you will pretty much die regardless of skills and gear.
      And even levels below can be challenging, meaning that you WILL have high repair costs if you wear a high tier gear (and you MUST wear it in order to be successful in a HCE).
      So no, HCE are NOT risk free because you are extremely likely, if not certain at some point, to have high repair costs, equal or higher than being killed in the open world.

      Having said this, I do agree that some changes are in order if we want to bring back HCE as a meaningful content for albion, otherwise as it is now it's pretty much dead weight as nobody does them anymore.

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