Daddynight one of the greatest trader in Albion

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    • Daddynight one of the greatest trader in Albion

      hi my name is Daddynight, i will represent my self as one of the richest players in albion khm... or on a straight path to this title)
      Im playing only 2,5 month but already In my aliance some people wispering behind my back that i can easyli buy half of the plots in any city.
      Well i started my path in game on 17 of april, i wrote before that have been stucked with 1 million of golden eggs in the end of easter event. In the end of event i were planing to earn on egs 40-45 mill of silver but when i realised that eggs fever goes down i sold almoust all my stock of eggs for 10 mill in one day and lefted part crafted in golden eggs chests and put for sell order end sold in one week for other 7.6 mill.
      I put all my savings in to t4-6 runes and were selling it for a while, then have been crafting different t5 armor in to t5.1 , still have thouthands of it on my island in sterling after finishing that bussines.
      I have right now some where 48-49 mill of craft fame, and my capital with all islands, mamoth, different items, buy orders and silver in my pocket is riched almoust of one billion of silver.

      Well i need to thanks for little trader adventurers tread writer Cidragon.

      I was reading his tread all this time and were competing with him on the start, well not in real competition but i were comparing my results with his all the time. And when i realised that have achived same results as him i were soo happy))

      Right now my daily earnings 30-40 millions of silver per day, im not ussing any bots or any programs) im playing just from 1 laptop from one account, just have 2 alts only for their islands.

      Selling a lot of stuff on black market and carleon market. The biggest succsesfull run to carleon with all goods was 3 fully loaded mamoth for 4 runs in 1,5 hours, so i stored on carleon island goods from 12 fully loaded mamoth . Special for that i have 12 morgana chests on carleon island and 8 t5 chests in carleon island buildings. And in city island from were i made runs i have right now 22 recruiters chests 2 morganas chests and one merlins cube and some t5 chests) will make screenshots next time.

      For every run im hiring army , the bigest quantity were 20 people in a moment not counting mamoth riders. And only one time gankers tried atack my caravan, its was organized squad of gankers, buuut... my boys have killed all of them and grabed their stuff) but moustly we trying not to fight.
      A lot of people chase us and writing "wtf is going on here" or "take me to"

      Yesterday i crafted sigil balista in carleon, i thought that can earn on it 3 mill but... well next 2 hours i were killing rabits in yellow zone and scouting gankers there)

      Im planing to buy one of battle mamoth or craft it from one of my mamoth but right now dont want spend my money from daily cash flow.
      On last week i spend 80 millions on t1 wood ) yeap i bought it all from all the citys) were truing make prices higher ) but) now im stucked with millions of t1 wood in each city of albion) so for couple hours market were burning and i sell in one city 4 stacks of t1 wood for 500k each)))
      A lot of t1 wood cuter wrote me and asked why i bought it allfrom tham and then tell me thanks).

      Well im planing send people on t3 bullls from all citys to carleon with t1 wood ) they can sell it all) and the one who will deliver the most amount of wood will get sweet prize, couple millions of sweet silver . Other people will get silver from selling wood.
      Just imagine gankers face, they killing hundredrs of t3 bull rider and there only t1 wood that cost nothing) coz prices will go down)

      In next month i want try plot owning in some citys) i cant promise that i will not make a monopoly)

      Well if you have any questions, just ask i will try answer it all, if it does not violate my interst in this game)

      Other my plans make safe and cheap mamoth transport company all over albion and to carleon.
      Just now need create islands with chests in last 3 citys so any one can store items there and then get it any city after mamoth transportation, and need more mamoth riders and mamoth. I own right now 2 mamoth and renting 3rd one some times
      2. Create investment company , coz for some markets i need a lot more silver, and some times i have lack of cash flow.
      Im planing invest in 10 or more battle mamoth and gear for aliance in future for seize claims with resources, invest in some markets and buy a lot of materials for huge crafting in every city. Last week people crafted for me 300k of t4 leather and 300k of t4 cloth. I delivered almoust all of it to carleon and crafted some of it in capes and bags other part sold.
      Well i wroted a lot but havent told you even half of story)
      Hope you liked my post
      Sincerely Daddynight from Daddynight Traders guild
    • well i little bit depressed right now. A lot of people already seen my interview on youtube, and writing me every time tha same question " Daddynight how i can earn a lot of silver?" Or "Daddynight i have 30,40,90,100 millions of silver how i can double it fast?" .
      So at first i were answering all that questions, have been giving advices. For example i told for some people buy t1 wood in lumhurst and sell it in caerleon. Buy 10 stacks for 100-150k take t4 bull and t7 pie and you will earn 150-200 per one ride, not immediately for sure. But people start screaming)) "there a lot of gankers i will lose my stuff give me more safe advice". So my last two weeks of game experience WERE AWFULL, i were spending 2-3 hours every day, just to answer to all.

      Ok about my earnings right now, i spend a lot of silver and time and even real money for project which named Albion amussement park caerleon
      What is this?
      Well its a fully upgraded guild island for horce racing event and albion soccer event
      I havee seen some people in towns who were earning silver giving random numbers on google by youtube stream and collecting money from people who bet and loose.
      So i thought that if people interested in such activity, i can do something what will be better more interesting and more open without someone cheating.
      So i with my friend in game made a webpage with rules for beters for racers, with clear betting coeficient.
      I spend couple days making exel tables with floating coeficients with a lot of formulas, were impact goes only from people who bet. We spend a lot of time designing web page, and were hiring trustfull bookmakers.
      We have a few soccer matches to develop soccer game mechanic what would it be spectacular and interesting.
      So we are ready for daily event, horse race and football.

      I wrote some treds on reddit and on albion forum about Amussement park, but no impact. Some people calling it scam and some people just read watch advertisment and no reaction. No one wrote about it and even didn’t come.

      Well how you can call something scam, if you didnt take a part in it as a visitor at least, or as a racer and soccer player??? Its free, only those who want bet , only they spending their silver.

      Event webpage with all rules, and streams of events.

      I think no one will cares) only one tread always popular) high taxes of city plots) but no one thinks that high taxes in one city is big chance to get huge profit coz you can easily take goods from other city and sell it here) for example with 99% tax in caerleon you can craft in middle citys some goods and run with it in caerleon black market, or buy your own island and craft there on craft station) some sort of goods dont give you resourse back so crafting on your ofn island mega profitable. Yeap new ones who havent got money for premium and island cant run in black market and undercut you right now coz or they need buy it from normal market or go and craft for plot tax price and their good will be more expencive. But wait what? The same as in real world? No way. Yeah in real world any one can go on factory and craft any one item()sarcasm()
    • Player112 wrote:

      Daddynight wrote:

      Well how you can call something scam, if you didnt take a part in it as a visitor at least
      When the greatest trader in game decides there's more money in growing vegetables or running casinos, things will start looking suspicious. Can't blame people for thinking there's a scam going on.
      didn't you at some point defend your position that growing t4 goats, some t6 oxen and carrots - was the biggest money there is? Oh... and making 40 pairs of shoes?

      And you too - like to call yourself "the greatest trader" lol
    • Player112 wrote:

      Daddynight wrote:

      Well how you can call something scam, if you didnt take a part in it as a visitor at least
      When the greatest trader in game decides there's more money in growing vegetables or running casinos, things will start looking suspicious. Can't blame people for thinking there's a scam going on.
      well this game is a sand box, so im trying create some new content. If one day i will count that vegetables are interesting investment for me and i will find a lot of farmers , i will invest in it couple of hundreds millions. Right now i have for my own 9 farms and have access to another 16 farms any moment coz i invested in their owners. But im not interested right now in it))) just buying and selling every day can became little boring , well yeap in game there is a high level content such as buying and managing plots, but or i need to buy only couple of it and fight with cartels and their monopoly to get more profit, or i need collect at least 3 billions of silver to buy all town plots in one town or at least more than a half. So yeap i tryed open "casino" well you call it that way. In this game character dont need eat or sleep or cloth to warm up, so you cant made normal bussines in this game on characters basic needs, but what need people on the other side of a monitor? They need something fun in this game, so i took that path. In this game after you buy for example best mount couple best complects of gear, some expensive furniture you have no ideas where spend other money!!!
      Yeap new one players strugle because thay dont know how to earn on premium, but old one... they all are sitting on bags of gold and silver, they are bored with grind or clearing dungeons. All this people spend their silver to buy gold, and gold price are rise. Did you know that on market right now 3 millions of gold- and its price in silver is 8 billions, 2 weeks a go there were 10-11 billions in silver or 4,2 millions of gold in gold market.
      I like this game but well lets say i have nothing to do here after i earn so much. After solo dungeons were added, people im my alliance stop running in normal dungeons, and because of this people have no need for sitting in discord.
      And one more thing about "casino", max profit from it is counted as( up to 20% of pull maximum - expenses on bookmakers)/with my partner . So if daily pull will be at least 100 millions i will earn much more less then 10 millions of silver per day managing it, and i cant put there manager coz no one want spend couple hours for non stable profit, coz if there no customers there no salary for manager, and i need pay for bookmakers). And for the same time i can earn by trading at least 30 millions of silver daily, its my minimum. So my goal not to earn but to get some popularity and name in this game. Every one known oops, arch, and other huge guilds but almoust no one know Daddynight, coz im not fighting, not taking claims, dont gank. Im just trading.

      Well hope you read all of it) and i have problems with sarcasm, not always understand it, so if i see some message where i think person need my answer or comments, i spend a lot of time to write detailed response, and from my experiense its always leads for more and more questions and missunderstendings)