So...there's ZERO profit in the black market?

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      Here is a hobo-hint.
      1. Calculate T5.0 item self-cost.
      2. Check market, and buy 5.0 item below self-cost on the market.
      3. Buy T5 runes (96 for 2H weapon, 48 chest, 24 head/boots). Upgrade item with runes at atrifact foundry to 5.1.
      4. Set order to sell this T5.1 item with average 4.2/5.1/6.0 price.
      5. Profit 50%.
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    • TheArimatheus wrote:

      I thought we'd previously established that nobody gives a single shit about what you think, @Player112
      Eh. 112's theory is pretty good. It is his execution that needs work. Well, and his communication skills. You on the other hand have neither the theory or the execution. He also admits that with only a couple months under his belt, he doesn't know what he is doing yet. You on the other hand are making posts with broad claims about things you clearly don't have much understanding of.

      Both of you could gain a lot of value by going through all the threads from the before times. Where all of this stuff has been covered dozens of times in depth.

      TheArimatheus wrote:

      You can place SELL orders on the BM? How is/should that be possible?
      See, a better thread title would have been. I don't understand the BM. How does it work?

      But, that has also been covered on the forums and on youtube dozens of times, if not in great detail.
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    • Impatience is bad here. Its market pvp, you have to wait for error of your "enemies". And you need to have a plan, a broad one that keeps you going. And a lot of ideas about what can be done in what situation. Know about daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal changes. Who uses what gear in what situation and how much of that situations will happen in the next hours, days, weeks and so on. Thats needs a lot more then looking in the BM one hour without a plan. If you need fast money there are better ways like fame farming (or gold buying). And most important, its a game, make money with stuff you like to do. If you complain in the forum after a few hours/weeks trying, it is probably not for you.
    • TheArimatheus wrote:

      but all these "easy ways to make money quickly" are not as quick and not quite as easy to accomplish sometimes I suppose if you don't have the heart/time/energy to really focus on a game like this.
      Not sure about others - but I've never said that some of the ways I've recommended are "easy" and "quick". They are moderate or maybe even somewhat advanced (but I dont want to give myself a pat on the back, so I'll let the player-base decide). But they are solid. Unless of course 100s of people don't start doing it an ruin the margins for some time.

      TheArimatheus wrote:

      That's probably the thing that's really irking me, is that I wanted to play and enjoy a game like this as I did years ago and I'm just a different person than I was then, so it can't keep my interest. I'm a casual, not HC anymore. I need to join a guild.
      Im a casual at this point as well.

      TheArimatheus wrote:

      I haven't "guilded up" yet, I'm still trying to just build a strong character that is of value to a decent guild and then expand from there, but at the same time, I can't make tons of time commitments to a video game when my RL is as busy as it is.
      I play 1-2 hrs a day, and sometimes not even every day.

      TheArimatheus wrote:

      You can place SELL orders on the BM? How is/should that be possible?
      Yes - you place a sell order just like in the AH. Then you wait for the "demand" (meaning price) to rise and the NPC will auto-buy it from the lowest sell order. Just like the AH pretty much, except it is done by an NPC and not a real human being.

      There are 2 main ways to "play" the BM:
      1) Active trading - running back and forth between the BM and AH looking for deals to flip in real time
      2) Passive trading - buying a bunch of stuff (or crafting it) and then putting it up for sell orders in BM and waiting for it to sell. Thats just the basics, there is a bit more to it... but yeah...

      I think you should really watch the "how the BM works" video. Either the official one - or there is plenty of fan made ones on youtube.

      PS. Some of the game mechanics are so complex - it amazes me that they were able to come up with all this stuff!

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    • When I say "I'm a casual" I mean I haven't owned a gaming console in over a decade (well I had an XB1 in my house that wasn't mine for about a year but only played Destiny or GTA5 on occasion) and haven't played a computer game of any type in maybe around 15 years. :|
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    • Hello,

      As we already agreed that BM is profitable ;), what is your opinion about my question below.

      Which value of profit you consider personally as acurrate to get while spending 1h on BM?

      Of course I know that it depends on the current situation on market etc. I am asking about average you consider as good for you.

      Thanks and have a great day
    • Frawst wrote:

      Dude can't find profit in the Black Market

      Dude goes to forums to complain

      Dude gets roasted because he's literally the only dude to ever go to the Black Market and not find profit

      Dude try again

      Dude probably lose money bc he's too slow
      Yeah. That's what it was... :rolleyes: :D :thumbsup:

      I'm the stupid one...

      Read my fucking posts before flapping your dick-lickers next time, you illiterate asshole.

      I feel sad for your parents.
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    • TheArimatheus wrote:

      When I say "I'm a casual" I mean I haven't owned a gaming console in over a decade (well I had an XB1 in my house that wasn't mine for about a year but only played Destiny or GTA5 on occasion) and haven't played a computer game of any type in maybe around 15 years. :|
      If you are that casual, where did you learn to enter credit card and PIN like a pro? Seems quite practised to me.
    • crafting is profitable if you know how to do it
      i am making milions in every craft session
      black market is profitable too
      you can make hundreds of milions out of crafting an playing the black market in some days
      get islands, get worker for your crafts, use the 25% cities and/or focus and hf making tons of money
    • You also need to take in account how the black market works, when there is more activity more items are being dropped. So for example on July the 10th for probably a week you will see prices shift in the black market.

      This is also the time to have buy orders as people are coming back with all their loot, pick up for 60% of the price and you wont be losing out then.
    • TheArimatheus wrote:

      I just spent about an hour or so looking through the black market and NEVER found, in a SINGLE category, ANYTHING being bought for even REMOTELY close to its true value in likely ANY other marketplace on the ENTIRE continent.

      Crafting is completely unprofitable.
      Raising mounts is completely unprofitable.
      Refining the materials you gather is completely unprofitable.
      Trading through the marketplaces is only profitable if you're going through red zones, and then you're really just transporting, and with just one gank in 10 trips, it becomes completely unprofitable.

      I've seen various guides on focus refining, etc, which seems all well and good when you have 100 spec in something, but is there ANYTHING that is even close to being profitable that isn't just swinging a hammer at the ground? It seems to me that the only activities worth actually doing are the ones that magically create stuff rather than move that stuff around in a meaningful way. Maybe I'm just in some kind of T6 character purgatory where I don't have high enough spec to make the activities worthwhile yet?

      I cannot share this sentiment.

      A big portion of my money comes from selling stuff to the Carleon blackmarket - at a considerably higher price than they could have been sold in other towns, including Carleon market. There have been single items where the difference was >10k per item, probably >100k (of course not many. And I don't find such item every time I check the blackmarket, but sometimes I'm lucky).

      Another part of money comes from buying stuff somewhere and shipping it to Carleon (or vice versa). You can make use of the price differences in different markets. You can check for the profitable items in advance... just go naked but for free to make notes on what might be profitable where.

      Crafting is indeed hardly profitable if you buy all ressources - I have rarely found such (maybe once or twice on Carleon blackmarket). Yet when I go and gather at least part of the ress myself, it is a sure way to make some money - and to gain experience in gathering and in crafting. And the higher tier item you can craft, the higher your profit margin gets. Yes, you need to walk through red zones. Be mindful, that you actually see who is aggressive there. Run the other way or leave immediately the map again, if you see aggressive people and walk your trade route another time. Don't force your luck. Everytime I tried that, I regretted it. But when I'm mindful, I am caught nearly never.

      Raising mounts etc... yes, it does not seem entires profitable either - or only profitable, if you ignore focus. Basically it's means to convert focus into money. I grow the food for my animals myself, so my monetary investment is minimal. There might be some animals where it actually becomes profitable - but that is not the case for the low-tier animals, more the more fancy ones which are rare.