Unable to purchase subscription with my mastercard

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    • Unable to purchase subscription with my mastercard

      Hey there. I'm not sure is it right thread to post this... But i have no choice.
      I'm new here. Today i declided to buy premium subscription. So i chose card option, enter all needed information and make a payment. It was succesful. But... since 20-30 sec all money was returned. I did it 3 times. And all payments was returned again and again.
      So i wrote to support. They suggest me to try a different payment method or contact to my bank. And i did it. My bank told me that all transaction was succesfull! All payment was declined with your bank or payment provider.
      I am from Ukraine. And i don;t use any paypal or qiwi... I just want to use my credit card. I am the owner and i use it succesfully to buy any stuff on any internet shop like ebay or amazon. Can you help me to solve this problem?

      I know my english sucks... :)
    • Hey there,

      that is due to the banks involved with the credit card transaction declining the payment.

      Unfortunately, the best solution in these cases usually is PayPal, You can create a PayPal account, enter your credit card there and then pay via your credit card, but via PayPal. Comes down to the same thing, but PayPal is much better at getting payments through. (as are ebay and Amazon, of course).
    • Actualy paypal is not better to pay. Paypal will convert my local currency into USD. And the exchange rate of paypal is greatly different than my bank. I don't realy want to pay more than i need to pay.
      I tried to pay again using the same card with the same credentials. And all payments were succesful again. And the returned again in 15 sec. Support says - payments are being denied due to the following reason: "Card Security Code (CVC2/CVV2/CID) does not match". And it's ridiculous because i just bought the other stuff on the other shop with the SAME credentials and the payment was successfull. The support team of my bank also recomend me to pay from some other browsers. But it didn't help.
      Looks like there is no chances to buy premium using my credit card?
    • Got same issue today, and did attempt to buy over paypal. Error, so the result is the same - no possibility to pay. Support is recommend to wait 24hours and try again. But bank told that money rejected (back from albion service, so they where out of bank and then I got reimbursement). Support don't want to listen that they got an issue, they saying try another way - same issue. I have no idea what to do now.
      Paypal payment results attached. BTW I'm from Ukraine as well.
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