Suggested Change to 2 Man hg to make it more fun

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    • Suggested Change to 2 Man hg to make it more fun

      1) increase power difficulty and damage of outer guardian that it needs 30 seconds and 2 guys. Make a heal buff on the ground after it died while you channel in

      2) Small boss changes - keep these as is but make the 2x2 entrance guards assist the small boss, if not cleared and come to the boss if it gets attacked

      3) the 2x2 bats on the line: add a grabber mob that pulls you in, similar as the grabber mobs in exalted crypt. The one that pulls you back into it with a skill shot.

      4) the chest: change the chest to a weaker version of the middle boss of the 5 Man gate with a similar aoe after 50 %

      Advantage: more build diversity, more challenge, less lower runners, no bloodletter helion hood windwall..

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