[SUGGESTION] Remove cooldowns after loging. OR put back the login bubble.

    • [SUGGESTION] Remove cooldowns after loging. OR put back the login bubble.

      As shown in this video, I got disconnected in the middle after the fight. And after I finally got back in, for several seconds I wasn't able to use any skills. If we're losing the fight and enemy charged I would login in the middle of the reds. without any possibility to escape. No sprint, no cleric robe, no potions. Nothing. That's unfair! Either I should have the bubble so I could at least mount up, or either not having cooldowns at all. We've experienced a lot of connection problems since I started this game long ago. And there's a lot of other situations where this cooldowns are unfair. When GvG, HG for an example, after you disconnect your character still stand there for several seconds. From 60 to 300 as far as I know. And when you finally can login back, you have more several seconds of cooldowns.

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    • I believe the cooldowns you have after reconnecting from a disconect are on your client only, and not on the server, as you were online the whole time for the server. I could be wrong about this, it is just a guess.

      But anyway, yeah, it really sucks to reconnect and be unable to use skills and have people attacking you. I have died couple times recently because of this and lost quite a lot.

      But the problem is, imagine you logged out on a bz, and when you log back in, there is a gatherer gathering right where you are. If there were no cooldowns, you could just use your skills and attack the surprised gatherer without him ever having a chance to defend himself or even see it coming.

      A bubble could easily be abusable too. Imagine you are a gatherer and someone solo ganked you and hit you while dismounted. The gatherer could simply alt+f4, re-open the game and have a bubble to mount up before the solo ganker kills him.

      A decent solution for the disconect problem would be to allow us to use skills if we get attacked while we are on login cooldown.
    • Mah dude. When you close the game, your character STILL stand there for the time you would take for a normal logoff. So if you were in the black zone, your character stand still for 60 seconds. If it's inside a HellGate, your character stand there for 300 seconds before disappearing. Just closing your game with Alt F4, or killing the process, or any other method, doesn't make your character disappear without those timers. Also the chance of you login back in the BZ just close to a gather and your game load your screen faster than the server put your character there is very very little. While the chance of you getting disconnected in a fight are much higher. We already saw it. Constantly DDoS, ISP issues and so on. By your argument it's the same as removing seat belts from cars because of MAYBE someone drive into a river and get stuck and drown. While this may happen, we know the odds of you crashing your car is much higher, so one risk compensate for the other. Exploits will be always there to be discovered. We just have to chase the balance between a good user experience with the least exploits possible. Back then, people abused the bubble, and instead of reducing it, they just removed. I'm not an extremist. Just put a 10s bubble, or at least lower the cooldowns to like 5 seconds. Currently it's 15s it's too much.
      Discord: Flan#1206