Territory Wars & Guild Wars

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  • Territory Wars & Guild Wars

    Alright guys I`ve got some questions;

    1- What is the difference between Territory Wars and guild wars? (Because i`ve seen so many guild PvP videos like 40v40 and it looked like they are fighting for a castle or territory or something , i`m mentioning this because i don`t think that they are in a full PvP zone just fighting.)
    2- Can guilds battle 40v40 for territories or castles? or Can guilds even capture a castle? If they can battle 40v40 for land then what`s the point of 5v5 battles? ( Except allowing low populated guilds to join to rivalry. )

    I appreciate your understanding and coolness :) Thank you! :D
  • 1) There is open world PvP which is only limited to the number of players the cluster can handle. somewhere in the 100 player range.

    2) Territory battles where its 5v5, 1 guild is the defender(owner of territory) the other is the attacker. note: there are different types of territories though.

    3) Castle Sieges, 25vs25, winner takes control.

    4) New: Hell Gates, PvE and PvP combined, 1-5v1-5 a max of 2 teams, both can have 1 to 5 players on each team.

    Edit: There is no "guild wars, only alliances. Anyone that is not in your guild or your alliance should be considered your enemy.
  • well, I have not partaken in a castle fight and @Luci can correct me or explain better, but I believe if you make a new guild or want to take a territory in a cluster you don't already have a territory in, you can take the castle which will allow you to then attack a territory in that cluster so that you can hopefully win and move in. currently you can only attack territories next to the one you own. all territories are neutral until they are claimed, basically its much easier to get a territory early on then it is to fight hard for one later.

    edit: also I think you get some taxes from a city if you own a city aswell. again im not to sure myself.
  • OK, so ... a solo player (me) will try to describe PvP, GvG, and all that military conquest stuff. Note that This is a basic description only!

    TL:DR - Territory GvG= 5 v 5, City GvG = 20 v 20, PvP or Castles = ? v ?, there are separate processes involved!

    Territories are the heart of GvG conflict in Albion. Territories (1) Grant access to usable land (2) grant access to resources and (3) may offer protection in Limited or Full PvP regions. A territory may grant a buff to the defenders (up to 40%), and has defender points, used to track how many loses you can sustain before you lose the territory. Territories have 1 or 3 defender points. So, a territory can only be attacked during a block of time and only once per day from each adjacent territories. Attack are 5 v 5. A guild can Siege or raid. A raid (costs less to declare) lowers the defender bonus and if you win, I think you get silver currency from your opponent (someone correct me here if it is off). The siege (higher cost) lowers the defender bonus and, if the attacker wins, a defender point is lost. If 0 points remain, the defender loses control of their territory. So taking an occupied territory may take multiple days. - there's lots more, but not now -

    Guild-owned Player-driven Cities can be claimed by guilds at a cost, and can be held at a maintenance cost per day. The owner of the city may tax all plots in the city. Territories adjacent to the city may attack it, but a city may only be attacked once per day. City battles are 20 v 20 in an urban environment.

    Castles can be conquered in a series of PvE battles, concluding with the Castle Lord. Ifva guild takes the Castle, the PvE mobs will aid the new owner in the castles defence (the mobs even wear that guilds emblem and colors). Castles have less meaning right now as thei r role in Albion is transitioning. The largest Castle battles I remember from Winter involved roughly 250 players (3 separate alliances).

    Open PvP is fairly staight-forward! Kill your enemies!

    This hopefully will help a little! :)

    [Edit: @Grimfest beat me to it. I am on mobile with a stylus...]
  • OK, so players own the plots in the city. Bercilak previously mentioned a possible method to slowly remove land owners over a length of time. If a player gives up their plot, or cannot pay the daily maintenance, another player can purchase it.

    If you lose a territory, you lose everything in that territory - buildings, crops, etc.