Carrioncaller/ Axes in general in need slight rework

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    • Carrioncaller/ Axes in general in need slight rework

      Bleeds currently tick 1 per second

      Rework would make it.

      If running 1 tick per 0.5 seconds

      If standing still 1 tick per second

      on all bleeds applied.

      Axes don't have CC and they do not have slows

      For bottom row, replace Aggressive rush with a Blood Loss effect a 0.9 second sleep every 5th normal attack
    • sleep? Wat? On a DoT weapon you want a spell that breaks on dmg? thank god you don’t decide weapon mechanics. you also got your bleeds backwards, moving = bleed more, stand still = less bleeding. that’s the only way that mechanic makes sense. That mechanic is the main component of rending swing so unless that spell gets entirely reworked it’s not gonna suddenly become free double dmg on all axe bleeds.