Underused Armor That Needs Some Love

    • Underused Armor That Needs Some Love

      Its been a few weeks since I posted the last batch of items that needed a balance pass and since I saw the NDA playlist changed within a week with half the items I submitted I think they actually listened (considering I did half of the identification and suggestion work for them) due to the relatively positive responses. This time I'm touching on Armor that needs some love

      Cleric Cowl

      What Does It Do: Ice Block: Freeze yourself solid to be completely immune to damage at the cost of being immobile.

      Whats Wrong With It: Sure a significantly longer invulnerability looks appealing but coupled with a longer cooldown for reuse and infinitely worse mobility (none) this results in it losing all major niche's to the soldier helmet. Useless in ZvZ and Open World for lack of mobility the only reason I've seen people use this is to fame the off spec for 400/400.

      How To Fix It: So I bet SBI doesn't want to waste the Ice Block assets and effort into coding it so the only realistic options I see have to be applying some sort of buff when you come out of ice block. There are already several Helmets that give damage buffs so what I see can be a mobility buff, something small like 15-25%. This means its not enough to count as a mobility skill but a good player can combo it with his own boots to multiply their speed. I could even see this being used in ZvZ's and other open world activities to apply the buff without even using the ice block itself.

      Druid Cowl

      What Does It Do: Circle Of Inspiration: Pool of energy that regenerates 5 players energy standing inside of it

      Whats Wrong With It: Due to the HP/Mana base size buffs and the existence of the lymhurst cape and scholar sandal meta this item has fallen into near-disuse only finding the occasional use in PvE and group dungeons for someone faming their artifact cloth helmet. Its energy bonus is insufficient for the new max sizes and its direct competing competitors the Scholar and Royal Cowls are better for the current personal energy economy meta we see now.

      How To Fix It: One of the major objections against using this cowl is the fact that it remains in 1 place and promotes clumping, something you want to avoid in most fights. Providing CC immunity while standing in the Pool would allow it to be used as a "beachhead" past choke points to promote staying and fighting and not running back through the choke, additionally this would also mean that it could be used for escaping in the open world by dropping it when you predict you are going to be hit in order to not be stunned/soulscythed/etc.

      Cleric Sandals

      What Do They Do: Blink: Teleport within a short radius

      Whats Wrong With It: Mage sandals out performs it in all respects.

      How To Fix It: There are already short range teleportation options for damage (stalker shoes) and move speed (assassin shoes) so without a range buff that would make the mage sandals obsolete what can we do? Personally I am partial to an attack/cast speed and cooldown buff kinda like scholar but I feel like that would be too repetitive, keeping in tradition of Cleric being Healing maybe a short range AOE heal would be interesting to play with kind of like the guardian helmet. Not too overpowered but save someones ass in a pinch before stabilizing.

      Royal Sandals

      What Does It Do: Defenseless Rush: Stacks damage buffs but increases damage taken

      Whats Wrong With It: The damage taken penalty is utterly oppressive to use and while it is interesting it has no unique role that can't be filled by other shoes without the penalty

      How To Fix It: Remove the damage penalty, nerf damage buff after a month long "test" period if too oppressive, fully revert to current dogshit levels if necessary but this one is pretty simple.
      Stalker Jacket

      What Does It Do: Electric Field: An AOE Ability that deals damage in a radius around the user.

      Whats Wrong With It: In the line of leather artifact jackets all of them produce a circular effect around them that causes damage in 1 form or another. Hellion heals the user while damaging and specter damages the user and enemies for true damage. The Specter Jacket with its base damage and no secondary effect leaves it wholly outclassed by its competition with little reason besides price to use it.

      How To Fix It: Keeping in line with an AOE damage effect I believe it would be good to give the stalker jacket something unique. Damage, mobility, and cooldowns are all unoriginal and filled by other items roles. In order for this to be viable in PvP I believe that applying a healing reduction debuff on damaged individuals would place this into a viable place for ZvZ, Medium Gang, and Small Gang. How this will effect the GvG meta is unknown but I believe it won't have too much of an impact, and if it does whatever.

      Royal Armor

      What Does It Do: Energy Drain: Drains enemy energy around you and restores your allies energy

      Whats Wrong With It: It's too weak to do any real damage in a fight attacking their energy-economy and wasn't previously balanced for the new max energy costs and its intended role of energy warfare is almost impossible to achieve with all the different types of energy recovering spells and abilities.

      How To Fix It: I have two ideas, either completely rework it to work as an Air-compressor for chest pieces allowing for various other combos with helmets. This preserves the current ZvZ meta balance as camlanns and Air compressors already exist so nothing too drastic changes ,just an armor choice that actually helps. Another choice possibly could be an energy sterilization ability that prevents the enemy in the circle from recovering energy as well as losing it. This would only be effective if it prevented the enemy from recovering energy for a period of time after leaving the circle as well. This would of course be cleanse-able to immediately begin recovering but I could think it would have use in some longer style engagements such as larger ZvZ's, GvG's, or Hellgates.

      Give this armor some love SBI, a little bit of love here and there saves you the time and effort of inventing new content for us to play and get bored with. Lets see how fun you can make this game (since you've got your hands full in the meantime with Chinese gold sellers).
    • cleric cowl
      Imo it's hard to make it viable. I don't see how a small damage or speed buff would make anyone use it. I would rather change it in one of these ways
      - give it cleanse, so we can ice block when CC'ed. This way it would be useful in pvp.
      - make it a targetable spell instead of selfbuff. Basically, you can iceblock an enemy, an ally or yourself.

      druid cowl
      CC immunity would make it horribly OP. Right now it's useful for budget mage raiding and I think it's fine as it is now.

      cleric sandals
      Not meta, but I don't think they're underpowered. There's a clear tradeoff between them and the mage sandals (smaller range, but instant vs delayed blink).

      royal armor
      Expensive and useless. I don't see how they can make it viable yet not OP. Imo it needs to be completely reworked. The robe and jacket give damage buff and cdr, so to be in the same tone I'd give it a similar aoe buff. Maybe aoe buff that increases the healing received, or aoe speed buff, or a few seconds aoe debuff that freezes the enemies cooldowns.

      You should add royal boots and 1h axe to that list. I don't think I ever saw someone using them.