My short life in Albion I For Risogod

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    • My short life in Albion I For Risogod

      I have to admit that the first time that i played Albion i felt that it'll be my game. I really love this kind of games, there are a lot, so i can chosee anything, but i don't know, Albion looks...different to the rest. I can't explain myself, i know, bit there is something that make me fall in love for this game.

      I played just 43 hours, so it's a shor life in this game. I have an armor of tier 4 and a little bit more. I like get resourses and kill NPC enemys, always i love do this, for that this is my kind of game.

      What i can say? I'm just a little one here and this is my short life in Albion. I'm in a guild right now, the "Artesanos y Mercaderes" guild.
      Yeah, i speak spanish and english too (obviously). I know that it isn't very important, but i have (and i want) tell you that. This is my little space to talk, isn't it?

      Well, after these few words of my person, i say good bye, but to this messegue, cause i still playing Albion, I love this game and that is the reason why i play in Albion, because i love this game

      I know, i talk to much

      Risogod out, be a good boy
      [b][i]Risogod was here[/i][/b]