[June 21st & June 22nd] Game Server Disruption [Update 22.06 09:06 UTC]

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    • Eclipsus wrote:

      Rohnsan wrote:

      Eclipsus wrote:

      Rohnsan wrote:

      Eclipsus wrote:

      Rohnsan wrote:

      ZayYadi wrote:

      Takeuchi wrote:

      I hope the server comes back with the fame bonus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      What about hoping the game will be okay? These things happen, It's not their fault that they've been attacked recently. Why should they give us compensation? I don't get it. You should be happy when the game comes online again and not discuss about the compensation.
      u wrong its all they fault they cant defend (protect) the game and just blaming that someone attacking) cool so we must just pay more money and wait till they fix this problem agane and AGANE!
      What the hell are you babbling about with your broken ass English? When did SBI ask you to pay more money? Are you braindead?
      I assume inviting here people who are for the first time join the game u can call fck money boost stupid kido!@
      Stop yourself.... go get an English dictionary... then try again. You don't HAVE to participate in the friend referral program, so I have no clue why the hell you even posted that as your proof that they're asking you to pay more money.
      dosent matter referral progam, I pay real money to play this game so stfu already
      Again, you chose to pay real money for the game, and you chose to pay for it on 3 characters. It's not like 30 dollars a month is going to break the bank, and if it does, find a new job. Regardless, stop bitching. I'm done with you.
      I have a really well paying job. Bought gold for 600€ the first month I don't give a shit about the 30€ it's the principle. If you pay for something someone can't provide, you get compensated. Not a third of that, not half but atleast the amount you paid for. The fact that it's optional is irrelevant. We're allowed to bitch since we pay for a service that is not provided.
      I wasn't bitching before you assumed that 30€ is alot to me or brought up the word trash. I might be new in the game but certainly not trash. Only someone who thinks highly of themselves would say that. And in most cases those people are the real trash in games.

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    • I still do not see a response from the developers team about the GvG issues. When the servers are down it is YOUR FAULT not the players that cannot log into the game and you should CEASE all gvg activities since you are incapable of sorting it out. Players and guilds lost millions of silver that translates into days or even months invested into the game and you are not giving ONE proper statement or even accepting that it is YOUR FAULT. In the second server breakdown retaliate attacks were cancelled but apparently on the first one you claim that "you cannot interfere with the gvgs as a team".
      You can avoid the issue all you want but this is not going to be sugarcoated with stupid ingame trinkets and fame boosts. Guilds and players want to play the endgame and the endgame is territory warfare and the problem of your servers caused losses of hundreds of millions of silver and you still refuse to accept that you are wrong and you have to see what was lost and pay back EVERYONE that lost something because of you.
      I am going to wait for a proper and official response if you want to consider yourself a company worthy of our time, all my subs of course are already cancelled and I know that there are legal ways to get back at you for what is going on right now. Just saying sorry and apologizing on the forums will not do and you know it, the first time may have been forgiven but this time it will be not.
    • torgva wrote:

      Albion servers are already being pushed to the limit. so it can't be hard to make them crash. This game managed to keep its player base for much longer than most other games. I think albion earned better servers.
      Thing is.. if your network code is bad, if the game is not well optimized, if you're hosting a whole world from one point in the universe, stronger hardware may not help you.
    • Eclipsus wrote:

      Damion wrote:

      Eclipsus, you are an idiot.

      If I pay for electricity, I should have power.

      If I buy a car, it should run.

      When I pay cloudflare for DDOS attack protection, they do protect my sites & hosts.

      The game is clearly non-functional or not working as intended. People are not getting what they paid for and that is not ok.

      Pull your fanboy head out of your forum trolling arse.

      That will be all. Thank you.

      Okay, so let's use your examples, since you've got it all figured out.
      When your electricity goes out in a storm, does the company refund you for the downtime?

      When your car breaks down on the side of the road after you've been driving it a while, do you go back to the dealership and get a refund?

      I wouldn't say the game is non-functional, considering this is the first issue I've had in the 3 days I've been back. Clearly there is SOME functionality there, no? Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to play even a minute of this game.

      You're not paying for SBI's DDoS protection. You're paying for game content and to even have a game in the first place. If, now that free-to-play is a thing, there aren't enough people paying in real money to cover all expenses, because let's be honest here... there's probably not enough people NOT using the free-to-play option and just using in-game silver to pay for their premium, then chances are they're asking themselves "do we want top of the line DDoS protection, with only limited funds for giving the players content updates, etc... or do we want to give the players something new and fresh as often as we can and do our best to take care of the occasional DDoS?"

      My guess is that they opted for something that will keep players engaged for longer, over having the most perfect defense against the asshole in the basement mentioned earlier.

      So if logical thinking makes me a fanboy, then damn, I guess I'm a fanboy.

      Nothing in this world is perfect. You'll never buy a car that will never break down, you'll never pay for storm-proof electricity, you'll never pay for a computer that is always going to run the newest and best games without having to dump more money into it to upgrade parts.... If you've played even a day of this game and had fun, then you got exactly what you paid for... fun.... It sucks that this happened/happens. But all you can do is suck it up, get over it, and carry on with your life. Your bitching in the forum isn't going to make DDoSers go away.
      my power provider once burned my TV and it payed it back, my internet provider had issues 2 days, they took 2 days off my payment, so yeah basically there's warranty on cars and most products out there? What's ur next move now sir defender of albion devs
    • Dear SBI Tossers,

      Get off your backsides and pay for the correct so called DDOs protection (Only company I know who ever since the game has gone live is always being DDOs'd) and move your weak servers to better ones at a better location away from the USA and stop being 2nd rate chumps, well unless you really want to go broke because of the shit state your management team keeps the state of the game.
    • You had the same problems after you went live after BETA. You have had plenty of time to consider your options and come up with fixes. I will predict that If you don't figure this out and soon the game population will decrease significantly just like It did after release. We all know players mean money for you so If you like making money make some good decisions and figure this out quickly before we all find another game to play.
    • LuzYfer wrote:

      Im guessing SBI is telling their community each time u want a Territory u can't get, pay some hackers launch ddos attack and get Terri with 1 guy in vpn
      Eclipses is currently thinking about replying to you but you see he is eating steak brought to him by his imaginary wife and spending time with his imaginary family... I honestly can not believe they are not reverting losses from their own end fault... Terry's are lost not due to engaging in game fights but because a minute percentage of people could still play.... what is the dev response to the people hmmm.... if you guys did not have such a big push on selling gold to minors and grabbing all the pocket money you can people would not hold you to account on this rubbish.... where is the communication... their website went down also last night was that also a ddos attack.... also why did ping not spike during the attack??
    • Talion wrote:

      [Update 22.06. 09:06] The server seems to be playing ball so far. The emergency solution we deployed overnight however is not as strong as our normal setup. There is a chance that we will have to deploy temporary queues throughout today as we continue tweaking it. We'll keep you posted.

      -Talion & the Albion Online Team
      If you could avoid expressions like "seems to be playng ball" that would be great, as you know we aren't all native english speakers and this expression is just not clear enough, is it good, is it terrible? Information has to be simple and clear.