About enigmatic Arcane "E".

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    • About enigmatic Arcane "E".

      Hi all reading this!

      Wanted to do a suggestion and a make a question about one mechanic on the E.

      The suggestion is to make the E so be use in ourseft or on enemies NPC/players (and in the last one only do shields to allies and the caster).
      Why I say this?
      Because Enigmatic staff is *the only weapon in game with no utility* if there is not another player on your team, even another acanes staff can do the E to get some sort of advantage on a let's say 1v1, but enigmatic on a 1v1 is a wasted of E, if you make it cast on enemies (for example) you can cast it on him to block some damage from attacks when he is buff or use his E. Can't be use in solo mod killing so same example can apply.
      I don't see how this can be overpower...

      The other point of my post is to ask why the specter jacket burning area don't do damage when enigmatic E shields are active close to the caster, it doesn't make sense that a combo like that can't work as well and show another down on the staff...

      Thanks for reading. =D
    • The outward dmg from specter jacket is tied to the inward true dmg. If you are blocking the inward true dmg with a shield you are then also blocking the outward dmg. a similar example is, Knights helm a soulscythe you won’t take damage because you mitigated the knock up. or the HG bosses lava wave, by avoiding the knockback you also avoid the damage. Fort sterling cape a stun? no damage. if you can block one of the components of the spell you can block the spell entirely.