Arena Queue Bug

    • Arena Queue Bug

      Since the patch Arena queue's have been behaving very strange for me.

      Arena ready comes up and I click ready. The ready stance will cancel/timeout maybe 5-10 times before taking me into a match. It might take 8 minutes to get the first arena ready and then for the next couple of minutes I'm dropping in and out of the ready posture.

      Finally I either get into the game or get told I didn't click fast enough and the queue resets leaving another 8-10m wait before maybe getting into a game. You have to click really fast to avoid getting dropped off the queue. Not easy to do other things when you are popping in and out of ready so waiting for arena fights has gotten annoying.

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    • I'm new and it seemed to work alright last week but this week it has been really bad. But I guess you must be right and the Arena queue has always been buggy.

      So how long have Arena's been in this game without the queue being fixed? It doesn't make sense to have a feature like the Arena and then not make it properly usable.

      So yeah I'll keep bumping this in the hope that they will do something as the current situation is pretty absurd. It reminds me of Eve where they introduce features and then move on without ever completing them.
    • June 20th 2019 this post was created and this problem still persists.... *NOTE the above "workaround" with fishing and canceling etc shouldn't be the answer..... Lets go albion dev's.... figure it out already.

      Today i tried to play arena, got 1 match and for 20 minutes now i've been getting 5-8 cancellations and then the "you didn't accept queue in time!" message... log out, log back in. Log on diff character, exit game and restart.

      Seriously.... problem is going on a year with absolutely no effort by the dev's to fix? If people had to pay money to buy gold to queue up for arena would it be fixed faster then? disgusting...
    • alexscott wrote:

      I think I have found an explanation about the cancellation. Be fishing when accepting match cancel the arena queue for the team of the player who was fishing.

      If you are fishing when found a match, you need to move and stop fishing before clicking on start to avoid the bug.
      I have also found certain other actions drop me out of the queue. For instance if the 'match ready' message appears while you're teleporting out of a dungeon, you'll be instantly kicked out of the arena queue. Same if you try and go through a dungeon portal to the next level, while the 'match ready' message is active, you're dumped from the queue. I suspect this totally messes up the queue for the other 9.