Death Fight Instance?

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    • Death Fight Instance?

      I dunno. I know we already have duels but sometimes a duel isn't enough to settle one of those 'in town crap talking sessions'. Problem with going and "taking it outside" is someone is going to interfere, especially since Free To Play, people are literally everywhere. We already have instances in the game (Expedition, Arena, etc), so adding this shouldn't be hard. Two players port to an instance where they can fight to the death with full loot capability, and bragging rights courtesy of the killboad, but no worry of friends or randoms popping on screen. Just a thought, and sorry if it was suggested by someone previously. I didn't search for the idea, just put it out there.
    • Not sure what to make of that lol... But I was thinking the instance works similar to duels but you have to access it from the arena guy or something. Both have to agree and it has extra warnings unlike a duel where someone may accidentally accept and get wrecked. We don't want someone losing their 8.3 gear cause they mistook a challenge for a party invite. So maybe a challenge comes up for death fight, you must go accept at arena guy (it times out after a minute). Upon acceptance you are both ported to an instance (with the standard arena/expedition zoning timer). When the fight ends (with some time for looting) both are ported back. One fully geared and the other naked (so it is clear to the town folk who witness the argument who the victor is). Also put a time limit on it so stalemate is possible.
    • Could work also but we don't want to add something that screws players over. Let's say your flexing in your 8.3 masterpiece set, and a nature guy challenges you do the death. You're expecting a party invite so you hit yes, thinking its the party invite. Now you just lost your flex gear. It should be something with extra warning and steps so you know exactly what your getting into (to avoid people coming here and posting about how they got duped while the rest of us offer no sympathy and just hit like on their posts lol).
    • Exactly. And just to get ahead of some possible rebuttals to this idea:

      1. If your worried people won't go out and pvp anymore if they can just challenge people in town, just cap this so you can only do one of these per day. I wouldn't want the game to become just about this, it should really be exclusively for situations where two people need to fight to the death when a duel just isn't enough. A once a day cap is fine. Maybe 3 a day if people really enjoy the feature.

      2. Worried about being tricked into this? Besides the restrictions I listed above, you can also block the option to be challenged, similar to duels, where you can auto decline.

      I would be all for not making it an instance, but just an additional option to the standard duel. But in a way nobody will be tricked into gambling their gear in a town fight. It must be very clear they may die (must click yes 3 times or something).