Skin Items - White Tiger and Sand Salamander

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    • Skin Items - White Tiger and Sand Salamander

      First, I am completely fine if this is left open for speculation. I am used to it by now.

      When new referral system was introduced, I read the news from the front page. I decided right away that I will collect as many as I reasonably can in Royal Cities.

      I did not read the forums post. I assumed that it was identical with the News post. But it was not. Only the forum version had this:
      One more note: while past referral seasons offered one-time, exclusive rewards, items from the current and future referral seasons may become available again in the future. Items given out in past referral seasons will remain exclusive, and will not be given out again.

      That said. Things have changed. Referral mounts will be automatically converted to Skin Items. So there will be a White Tiger and Sand Salamander Skin Item.

      Also, what I have seen until now. The UI for choosing skins has a coin icon for mounts that can be purchased with gold. Would it not be confusing to have a mount that is both a legacy skin and a purchaseable skin...

      Like I said. I am game for leaving this open for speculation. But I would appreciate an answer.

      This is transition period. There are 2 mounts affected. I personally do not expect to see any more mounts as referral or seasonal rewards. It will be skins from now on, I assume.
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    • Hey there,

      Posting this on the forum and not on the main page article was a bit of an oversight on our side and we apologize for that. Because of this, going forward we will no longer publish news in this manner - our future forum announcements will instead link directly to the website article itself, thus avoiding any confusion and unintended mistakes from our side.

      Ravenar wrote:

      Maybe let us know which source is official source of info? The news on the front page or the forums post?
      In this case, both sources are official information. The information given is not conflicting, it's just that the forum news had additional info.

      While I cannot speak on the exclusivity of items in the future or what's coming up, I can clarify that the paragraph quoted in the original post is also referring to skin versions of the items. Meaning, we have no plans to ever make, for example, the Ghostwolf available again - neither in the mount or skin version. This goes for all referral rewards prior to April 10th 2019.
    • Thanks for the answer @Elsa :thumbup:

      For me the case was, I have been personally collecting referral mounts since referral horse and ghostwolf. I had no reason to expect that things would change. And I missed the fine print because I did not read the news from both sources.

      So yes, news were not conflicting but critical info was missing for people who had learnes to trust this content.

      All good. Just wanted to raise this concern.
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