Question about fishing

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    • Question about fishing

      1. So fishing a X tier fish is estabished by map LVL and not Resource Tier on the map? So fishing on Mercia is way more easy than fishing on Anglia for example?

      2. Why there is only an small amount of fish that is worth fishing? Kraken, Eel and Lurcher, ( Oceans, Forest and Highland biomes). Swamp, desert and mountains are not even worth going for a fisherman. Meanwhile resources are always worth on any map.
    • fishing on a 3 map in the black zone with tier 5,and 6 mobs and resources,
      but the fishing is like fishing in the blue zone it doesn't match
      you will not get master lvl fish t6 you will only get low lvl fish.,from what I seen the fishing is based on the map number
      and since your in the black zone and taking the risk you should be able to get the fish..
      It's not the game it's the people :thumbdown:
    • If am locked on Anglia i have to travel more to get t7 fish than in Mercia. Meanwhile at Mercia, one map away from the portal grants a t7 fish.

      The biomes, i got the same exact chances to get a 40k worth t7 fish than a 10k.

      Which its fine, some fish are worth more than another, but fish should be respawning at 2 biomes in order to fish in more than one or two biomes.

      1. Currently Highland and forest, mostly forest because of the amount of water is worth fishing. Mountain, desert and swamp are not worth and the time being spent to get a t7 Is the same.

      Crabs and lurchers for example should spawn at same Places in order to motivate Fishermans migrate to More biomes.

      2. We are being punished for being locked at Anglia, gatherers still get t6 resources at a T3 map, we have to travel further because the fish Tier is tied to the map level and no the resource level.

      With the lock update i cannot travel anymore to Mercia in order to fish, which have higher Tier maps near the portal, being safer than fishing at Anglia, we only have 2 maps worth , sometimes 1 in each continent (1 t6 Highland map or 1 t6 forest map) and we have to travel to a T8 resource map, meanwhile at Mercia, you can just get t7/8 fish traveling one map away from the portal.

      3. Kraken is only avaiable at Mercia, being the only t6 maps connected with the Ocean.

      After the lock update, Fishermans are being punished for being locked on any other continent rather than Mercia

      Its even better and safer fishing at Royal than Anglia

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