Island Access Rights - Where to learn details?

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    • Island Access Rights - Where to learn details?


      I'm having trouble finding details on the different access roles that you can establish for personal islands.

      As an example my friend wants to give me access to their farms. I'm set as a co-owner of the island but can't access the farms or update the individual farm permissions.

      If I'm a co-owner then why can't I edit permissions?

      Is there a link where I can read up on permissions/access settings?
    • Co-owner will let you CLAIM anything on the island and once claimed you can reset the permissions however you want.

      Just remember if you don't give the actual owner permissions to use it after you claim it, then he will have to claim it back and its all just a constant push pull. It's best and safest to get you both on the same page and have things all set up so you both have the permissions you need.
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