Missing silver?

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    • Missing silver?

      So yesterday evening I had around 1,1mil silver. Then i bought myself a set of 4,2 gear and I went down to around 900k-ish. I normaly make my money by flipping items on market and I do buy/sell orders but so far only in Fort Sterling and Caerleon.
      When I logge on few min ago I had around 350k silver and for love of god I cannot find a way of how I have spent it. There are no running orders on market (no crazy taxes were made by mistake) and no "special" Items in my bank either. I spawned in Carleon market when I logge it, thats cause I played 2 arena matches before I logged off yesterday.
      Is there any way to check recent silver activity on my account? Maby staff can check it out? My in game username is n00b


      EDIT: It might be my mistake and I....did I dont know what with it but it also could be bug?

      EDIT2: I have FOUND THE BUG!
      I relogged in to the game (after half a hour) and there were my listings on the caerleon marketplace for buying stuff for the ammount I was missing. Funny thing, when I last checked both buy and sell order sides of the page were empty...So the BUG was my listings not showing up for me (even tho they were there all the time)

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