Lag followed by disconnect every 10-20 minutes

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    • Lag followed by disconnect every 10-20 minutes

      For the last 2-3 days I started having this issue where I will get a big lag spike and the game will disconnect me.

      Sometimes it reconnects instantly other times it says someone is already logged in this character..

      Almost every time it breaks chat functionality.

      Others I am playing with don’t seem to have this issue.. I am on fiber 1000mbs up and down and never have issue of latency. Music shows, other games are not having any lag.

      I am not sure what the problem here is.. but it’s going to make me stop playing the game very shortly..

      3 days of being booted mid dungeon, mid ganked, etc, gets old super fast.

      It’s all over Reddit so I am not the only one experiencing this issue.. please some feedback would be very helpful to ease my frustration.