[Bmats] Guild Rejects recruitment

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    • [Bmats] Guild Rejects recruitment

      We are Guild Rejects, a small but ambitious guild with a growing PVP scene and regular fame farming sessions. Our alliance, Basic Materials, currently controls three territories in the black zone.Our guild is laid back and friendly no matter if you're a veteran of the game or you've just started. We run a 15% guild tax to fund guild events (Dungeon Maps & Gear Refunds). In the future we also plan to host PVP tournaments with silver rewards.We are based in Fort Sterling and have an active Discord so feel free to pop in and have a chat if you're interested in joining the guild. See you soon, reject.


      Access to alliance territories [Bmats]

      City Plot in Pen Clatch (20% return rate with no tax), Farm territory in Pen Clatch, Resource territory in Murkwater Basin

      Level 6 Guild Island with T7 and T8 Crafting stations


      If I were to be away from the game for an extended period of time what would happen?

      All that our guild asks that you do in this situation is to let one of the members know via a Discord message before going inactive.

      Am I required to attend guild events?

      Our guild does not require any additional contribution or mandate participation in guild events, just game how you want to

      What is the average age of guild members?

      Probably like 20-40

      Can I join even if I'm not a reject?

      Once you join you'll become one, so that's fine


      1. Ability to speaking English

      2. No Drama

      3. Join the discord by clicking the image below