Mists of albion

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    • Mists of albion


      The mists of albion compensation should be a "buff" like premium, to be activated/start when you want and not everyone during the same week.

      This way we would all still get ours 7 days of fame boost but it would not be at the same time. It would work exactly the same, without interruptions, but it would not start in a given day.

      The way it is now just overfloods the random dungeons with people, which creates pvp content ok, but also ruins the game for those who do not want to be dived 24/7.

      And no, I'm not crying. If you had the game like it is now for a month, more than half the playerbase would be gone.

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      An on demand Mists of Avalon buff would be completely busted for the entire crafting tree. They wisely stopped telegraphing them weeks in advanced so I can't set up easily for them, if they let me turn it on when I want, I can take all the time in the world and then blow out 10s or 100s of millions in fame per day with ease.

      I get that there are all sorts of issues during the buff week, but that is the charm of them. It's an event for everyone.
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      We know there will be another fame week. I dont know if in a month or two, or half an year. I dont know if it will happen because server issues or before new content is added. But the chance we will get another one is way higher than not getting it. So if people is going to do that, it is happening already. Someone already stocked everything during the past months and is crafting it now, the same way people will stock it up again when this week is over. It is just a matter of time. Plus, Im not saying the mists of albions should be available forever to be claimed. It probably would be good enough if it was like moving islands: you have one month to claim 7 days of fame boost and if you dont do it you lose its right.