IP market searching

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    • IP market searching


      I believe an extra option of item power searching in the market would help people find the best value for money for the items that they want to buy. It could also help people that are crafting to get a bigger reward from crafting better quality because no one's standing in the market to investigate what's more worth, as a result better item power weapons need to be lower in price so they can be sold.
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      I think this is a good idea.
      If I may add, instead of a certain IP, we should have an IP range and maybe also a method of sort (IP / silver).

      This way, if I want to buy a soldier armor around 1150, instead of checking the price for 1130, 1140, 1150, 1160, 1170 to decide which one has the best value, I can just search in the range of 1130 - 1170, remember the lowest price and then toggle sort by IP per silver to see which item actually has the best value.
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      It's a good change for sellers to. I want to price things in a range that people want to buy them, but to do that I have to make about 3-4 searches to check various tiers that correlate to the item I am trying to sell. It's a hassle.

      Maybe a new drop down menu (700-800-900-1000-1100..) that when used with an item drop down gives you a price listing sorted by IP.
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