Is there an android tablet version of the game?

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    • Yes it will, but I recommend you use a very capable tablet.

      I have had it run on my Kindle Fire HD 10" (gen7) - though it does not run well. (I think it only has 16GB of RAM/ROM - I've not tried installing the AO app on an SD card and running from there). The kindle is not a great example because it's an underpowered tablet with a lot of bloatware on it. I do really like it as a device that can just be thrown in a backpack or sit on a night stand though.

      You're probably going to want something with a an octa-core (SD 835 equiv) mobile processor with 32GB in it.

      I have another Kindle that I tore down to bare android Jelly Bean with essentially nothing else (the thing doesn't have the libraries to even know it should have a camera) and it ran alright, but it's a crap interface. If you want to check in and manage your farms or laborers it's useful.
      1.23.40b patch UO Feluccian from Minoc, Pacifica.
    • I just got it running on my S7 (international version with the Exynos instead of the 835 and 32GB/4GB) out of curiosity.

      Edit: it actually runs pretty well surprisingly, considering how old my phone's hardware is. It takes a while to load new zones and gets hung up in the city, I didn't try much combat with it, but I ran from my island into martlock, out two zones and completed the daily challenge through gathering, then made my way back to my island without any crashes. That's pretty legit. I ran the app first after a hard reboot, so it might not fare well with weeks of uptime, but it'll definitely work to let me handle my farms and do basic stuff when I'm away from a computer.

      I think the touch inputs would be more responsive if I didn't have the glass screen protector also.

      Edit further: Logged out and back in on an alt, did basically the same thing and still no crash. It throws the "login from a new device" thing but that's a sporadic bug I think (hope?) everyone is dealing with.
      1.23.40b patch UO Feluccian from Minoc, Pacifica.

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    • The tab S4 should be exactly the same as the S7 phone (they both ran the 835 or 8895) but will have built in ROM storage, so expect similar performance as outlined above.

      I only have a 16GB SD card that is pretty full in my phone so I couldn't try moving the AO client onto the flash rom rather than the internal, but it might be worth attempting if you have the means
      1.23.40b patch UO Feluccian from Minoc, Pacifica.

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