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    • Guilds and alliances


      AO has a lot of great things going on.
      Yeah there is issues, but the core idea is really really good.

      One thing id really like to see that i believe would make the game a WHOLE lot more fun, as well as more accessible, is to limit the number of people in a guild to a much smaller number, and limit the number of guilds in an alliance to a much smaller number. (im still pretty new tbh, so i dont know what the current cap is)

      E.g. Guilds can only have a maximum of 40 players,
      Alliances can have a maximum of 5 guilds.

      Limiting guuld and alliance sizes has been used very effectively in lots of other games. It promotes:
      Active guilds
      Guils vs guild warfare
      Alliance vs alliance warfare

      It reduces the threshold for guilds to be competitive, prevents a single alliance from dominating and promotes activity.

      Anyway, just a suggestion from a newb who has no idea what hes talking about :D
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      There is a natural human limit of organisations at around 148. Beyond that people find it hard to keep track of who's who. This is a genetic thing, apparently.
      I second the concept of account-based membership. Alts should not be permitted to join other guilds, nor take up spots in the main guild.
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      40 is too small number. But in general I agree. What is the point of a guild with 4000 players, when the limit of a map is up to 400 players? The guild system is now a nonsense. This is not EVE - you do not have the same expensive server infrastructure that allows thousands of players on one place. And without the hardware, you need to change the rules of the game.

      In fact I can suggest a much better GvG sandbox system, much, much better. Make leveling system for the guilds – 1-8 tiers with equivalent limit of the members – 10-80. Limit the alliances up to three guilds.

      Then let start. The first GvG for territories will start with registering the guilds. Every territory will have a limit of three guilds (supported or not by alliances) registered. After a guild conquers one territory it could attack only the territories nearby.

      For the GvG every registered guild will build a fortification on some allowed space on the chosen map. Then for one hour the guild should destroy the forts of the enemies – the special command structure in the middle of every fortification. So there will be a need of cooperation for building, collecting the needed resources, making of siege weapons and etc.

      The guild that won, will get red or black map tier one. Then the guild could upgrade the fort and the map up to tier 8.

      The guild will manage and collect the taxes from gathering and PvE on its map, so higher tier – more silver, and also more fame. Under the fort there will be open dungeon, like that existing now.

      The guild will have the choice to hire guards, who will patrol on the map and will make it safer also for the gatherers, but only from the attackers by the guilds outside of the territory. The owners could attack freely. The gatherers will pay some limited tax of silver for every resource they get on the maps with guards. The guards will be beatable, so the current system of monthly rewards will persists - the requirement will be to claim war on another guild.

      The GvG will happen once a week for every territory in a certain hour. Some parts with be better for US players, some for the EU players. The GvG will happen in different days for the different territories. So a guild with 7 forts possibly could GvG every day.

      After a territory is conquered its tier will drop with random numbers. Also a guild that owns a territory could choose to give an outlaw status to a player. So automatically he will be flagged red on the current territory.

      A territory that is not protected will become wild. It will keep its current tier, till it is conquered. To attack an owned by another guild territory, the attackers should make siege weapons and to destroy the enemy command structure, before that they will have to register, as also the defending guild.

      Imagine the competition, the cooperation, the politics, the unofficial and the official alliances, the betrayals, the drama, the effect on the economy. Much, much better GvG than now.

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