[BAM] By All Means! An Alliance, An Outlet, A Home. Come, An Actually Enjoy Albion.

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    • [BAM] By All Means! An Alliance, An Outlet, A Home. Come, An Actually Enjoy Albion.


      By. All. Means.
      Run by:
      [CI] Commitment Issues


      • Plain & Simple, we're an Alliance looking for any small (as low as 1) to medium sized guilds (as big as 100~) to either partake in being a part of our Alliance or simply forming a coalition! (“Secret Friends”)


      • Our purpose is to reach the point in Albion where we all first fell in love, a massive community of people playing together and enjoying what the game has to offer. No politics, No drama, simply a collective group of individuals looking to enjoy multiple streams of content, company, and comradery. PM me for further info or in-game as “Yungsun.”

      [Currently Seeking]

      • Friendly Crafting and Gathering Guilds! - (To test our New "Job Board").

      • Guilds to take charge with a leading/cutting edge attitude for Endgame Content! - (ZvZ's & GvG's).

      • *(Slightly International; Mainly [NA] 'East to West; Partly 'EU & BR' ; With aspirations towards bringing in more EU/OCE guilds!)

      [What We Offer]

      Current # of supported Guilds: 50+

      Activities Include:

      • Fame Farms of Many Different Sizes.
      • Hellgates/2v2’s/Arenas.
      • Ganking/Gather Ganking.
      • Faction Warfare/Faction Convoys.
      • A "Job Board" System for Crafting & Gathering Friendly Players.
      • Dungeon Diving/Slight ZvZ content.
      • Convoys & Multiple Guild Islands.
      • Aspiring GvG Teams/Scrim
      • Successful Territory Claims

      • A Community meant to Enjoy Albion as it Once was!

      [Contact Info]

      - Join our Discord for any moreinformation/conversation!
      - discord.gg/PnjTYBH
      - Reach out to us in the channel #i-can-haz-perms and shoot us a message to be assisted by any ofour

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