Bug or not ? just feels buggish

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    • Bug or not ? just feels buggish

      when i gather t5 materials my gather books will fill in tier 3and 4. when i craft tier 5 items my crafting books Will not fill in tier 3 and 4 ?
      when i do capes my cape crafting books will fill normaly but when i do example undead capes the books will not fill up ? yes i do have 100 skill cape crafting when i have both cape crafter feats maxed can i even fill tool books anymore ? via crafting capes ?
    • Hey there,

      that's not a bug. The description of the crafting journals read "Can be filled by crafting items of its tier at a ...", so in your case, only T5 items will fill the T5 journal.^^

      Though you are correct that it is different for the gathering journals, which "Can be filled by harvesting X of its tier or up to two tiers higher...".