Best mount raising for F2P

    • You realize, that as the playerbase grows in skill, everything of every tier, (maybe aside from 7.+ and 8.+ stuff) decays in value, right?

      So, that T6 ox that's worth 250k today will only sell for 175k in two weeks on the same marketplace.

      You know that though, right?

      Being the master trader that has never stepped foot beyond a royal city, of course you do - what was I thinking?

      NOTHING gets by you, right?
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    • I was kinda happy that you calculated but oof...
      Calculates 5 crop because its per day
      Counts the per day as per animal grown.

      So lets do realistic average calculations - not fantasy "what was the price today" ones.

      Estimated carrots grown per day from 3 fields: 121,5
      Feed for animals per day: -45 carrots
      Income from carrots: ( 117 - 45 ) * 310 silver = 23715

      Cost of seeds: 3 fields * 9 * 1250 silver = -33750

      Net P&L: 23715 - 33750 = -10035 silver
      P&L per animal grown: -10035*2 / 9 = -2230 silver

      Lets just take the 1500 silver per goat you mentioned earlier.
      1500*0,27 = 405 silver replacement cost per grown goat
      2600 - 2230 - 405 = -35 including unrealistic traders advantage.

      But you get a lot closer to break-even point than i expected.

      player112 wrote:

      I need a couple of mammoths for 175k
      You realise growing a mammoth takes 750k in food cost alone, right? And you wont get the calf for less than 15m in the near future.

      Player112 wrote:

      The ox price is irrelevant. But my ox cost was 0k
      Oh no. I thought we made progress on the calculation front.

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    • This thread is getting worse than the Sayapalooza Extravaganza.

      Not that I am going to unfollow it or anything, but you people need to start coming up with more entertaining ways to call 112 stupid. The fact that he has different mental accounting than most people, isn't really new ground to be covered.
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    • Lucifen wrote:

      You realise growing a mammoth takes 750k in food cost alone, right? And you wont get the calf for less than 15m in the near future.
      I was using TheArimatheus' price projection. He says he could make xx RL $ per minute flipping burgers and stuff. He seems to know what he's talking about. So, I am happy to go with his numbers. I won't complain if the mammoth prices keep falling. No reason why they shouldn't. They are quite crappy running at 1/3 speed of the ox. They are pretty good for losing deals.

      The prices you are using are for noobs. Pro traders can do way, way, I mean way, better than that. All you need to know is that I will be making profit from the goats. It would be too much effort for me to keep it break even.
    • dont wory sooner or leter he wil run off seeds calfs and enyting he stil got then he realse he not ern and need to pay to grow enyting and to put eny calf
      and he got only 5 farms his income so minimal from it ech animal dubel time grow even whit feeding it only 10 carots whil not bring him profits i spend daily on repair on me gater tools then his daily income wil bring this way evolution and free market economy wil sort it him out i know it im 100% it hapend after i read part of i dont need to know about game to trade lol not knowing items drop rate or haw much they are used are key part of trading buisnes not knowing the target of your product it ignorant and end whit buisnes fall and bankrut not im not working for SBI
    • My first stab at the math was slightly off. Now should be correct:

      Estimated carrots grown in 2 days from 3 fields: 117 * 2 days = 234 carrots
      Feed for animals in 2 days: -90 carrots
      Income from carrots in 2 days: ( 234 - 90 ) * 300 silver = 43,200

      Cost of seeds: 3 fields * 9 * 1000 silver * 2 days = -54,000

      Cost of replacement baby goats: 9 * 1500 * 0.2666 = -3,599.1

      Sale of grown goats: 9 * 2600 = 23,400

      P&L for every 2 days: 43,200 - 54,000 - 3,599.1 + 23,400 = 9000 silver

      Pretend market transaction costs: -9000

      P&L for f2p goat raising: break even
    • I'm a project manager for a relatively large startup ($2BN after series E) that corrals cats (ie: manages temps, or "contract employees") that each make between $16-$17.50 per hour depending upon whether they're in SFO, PHX, or DFW. If you were actually decent at math you'd be able to quickly realize exactly what my company thinks I'm worth based on a previous post about the rate with which I earn 10 bucks. And if you think anyone is making that kind of money flipping burgers, then you have a seriously misguided view of the US economy.

      Yes, I spent a great many years tending bar and to be honest, there were times that I made more money bartending than I do right now working from home and managing remote employees. That's okay though because I've been saving money pretty diligently for the past 25 years and I'm at a point where my passive income (which is really just measured by savings growth) is beginning to exceed my "natural income".

      You see, @Player112, I'm not some full of shit liar like you, and I have absolutely NOBODY on this forum that I'm even remotely interested in impressing. Yet, you somehow seem to be completely incapable of trying to impress yourself and your "magical market prowess" upon us at any given juncture.

      I've spent a lot of time in bars. I know a liar when I hear one, and you sir - as I've said repeatedly before - are a fucking liar.

      And I don't HATE the people who drink water at the bar, because they're necessary to fill seats and attract paying customers, but as soon as that stool their broke ass is sitting on is desired by a paying customer, I told them they need to vacate. You do nothing to improve this community. Nothing but entertain people like me and give opportunity for us to sharpen our writing skills.
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    • Player112 wrote:

      TheArimatheus wrote:

      Your math was off? What a shocker. Especially from someone that naturally assumes everyone flips burgers for a living. :S
      From your posts, I have good reason to suspect you flip burgers at a bar. You hate those people who drink water. I imagine their tips aren't great.
      From your posts, I have good reason to suspect that you do NOTHING. NOTHING AT ALL BUT BITCH AND MOAN.

      So why don't you shut your fucking dick-lickers and have some respect for people that actually EARN a living "flipping burgers" - or ANYTHING - because it's A HELL OF A LOT MORE RESPECTABLE THAN WHATEVER YOU DO TO EARN YOUR KEEP, YOU MISERABLE PIECE OF SHIT.

      Don't you ever DARE disrespect someone that earns a living in front of me ever again, you worthless piece of nothing. Every single human that "flips burgers" has one hell of a lot more impressive job than you do. You don't do shit and we all are acutely aware of it.

      Maybe I'll try tracking you down and have a conversation with your parents, or whomever is responsible for your upbringing, because they need to slap the shit out of you.
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    • TheArimatheus wrote:

      You do nothing to improve this community. Nothing.
      I don't seek to do so. It's not my job. I just trade the markets and grows some goats on the side. I also make shoes, and bags.

      I can see why you find this game frustrating. There's no bars for you to tend and no burgers for you to flip. The cooking part of the game is probably what you need to get into. It might bring you some peace in this tortured life. All that pent up frustration can't be good for you.

      One suggestion I have for you is to stop corralling people outside of your job. It's not your business what other people do or don't do.

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    • First round of non-premium animal raising complete. Skill went up to 55/100, and gained 1 extra baby animal from left over focus. Selling chickens for 3.1k and goats for 3.3k. Ordered more seeds for 1022. I already have a stock pile of seeds for under 1k. I don't mind taking more when the price stays reasonably keen.

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    • It is considered bad form to cause another posters head to ACTUALLY explode in a rage induced bloodsplosion.

      I'm going to have to deduct some points for this 112, but I don't know what spreadsheet category it should be yet. I will get back to you.
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