Solo Hell-gate Guide // Tactics // Builds

    • Solo Hell-gate Guide // Tactics // Builds

      Dear all,

      i am an alpha player, focused on solo play. I have a K/D Fame of roughly 4, so i am usually getting my money out of pvp.

      Here is a small guide for 2 man HG how to solo.

      Why Solo?

      Value of Hellgates: Each 2 man Hellgate if you solo it has 3 Mini bosses, worth 35 k fame, a chest worth 35 k fame and usually around 8 tomes worth 80 k fame. so in total a 2 man hellgate solo is like 220 k fame if you win it solo (win means you get all bosses and the chest) and takes roughly 6-8 mins.

      So regarding fame, there is no better in the game for solo than 2 man hellgate solo.

      Money wise: the average hellgate gives you solo for me on average 2.1 Mio silver if you sell it.

      Summary: 8 Mins, 220 K fame, 2.1 mio silver - i think that is worth consider it

      I had crazy gates that gave me like 15 T7 bags, 8.2 Royal armors and like 10 weapons T7+, completly overloading you where single gates are like 5-7 mio in silver

      Roughly each 10. gate for me is empty, because they kill each other outside, each 4. gate has another solo player, which i intent to kill or at least deny the chest to it and take the chest.
      The other solo players won't be well geared, because the likely hood to die is very high esepcially vs double fear builds on high mobility..

      Tactics: You go in with an escape build, that can easily switched to a 1:1 pvp order to get the chest or split the 2 guys inside while they exit to kill one.

      My setup:
      Cleric Chowl, ice block
      Assa chest, invis
      Scholar schoes: focused run
      Weapon is occult staff: q on entry is damage, passive is speedcast, q after contact and initital run away is shield, w is cleanse, e is is.
      Weapon 2: great nature staff (for fight)
      Mount: T3 mount

      I usually ride with my T3 mount through mercia, avoid the ganks, and do gates. Gates in T7 areas or town areas are at my play time mostly uncontested, nevertheless if i see a guilded standing or fighting or trying to get my offi destroy the gate (throw poison, iceblock, mount) that they leave to burn the ground.

      Statistics: i ran 20 gates today, i got run down once, i did 1.3 Mio fame, made 3.4 mio silver.

      Ah to mention: U go in Flat 4 ..